Will Elliott: How the Conservatives can win all of the seats in the South West


The South-West is renowned for its coastal wonders, but our beach-lined region isn't always thought of for its politics - a perplexing prospect as recently we had one of the most interesting political swings in recent years.

We held and recently decimated the closest thing to what the Liberal-Democrats could call a "safe-seat stronghold”. We abolished every Lib-Dem seat in the South-West, making sure 51 out of 55 seats were returned to Westminster blue this May. With our recent success at the General Election, we need to raise awareness and make sure we not only hold these seats, but expand our majority to the 'full 55'. But how can this be done?

The 4 remaining seats are all from the most urban areas in the South-West - and with cities traditionally being Labour's stronghold, it won't be an easy journey to claim them. Three are in Bristol and the fourth Exeter. The popular 'One Nation' platform, combined with things such as the '#WorkingClassTories' craze are our best chances to win over these urban voters, with pure Conservative compassion.

Cities being typically impoverished areas, we need to continue these platforms along with the 'LONG-TERM Economic Plan' to ensure we do not alienate these voters, or toxify the Party through events such as the Hunting Act Amendment. We need to show what we really are; a party of compassion, a party that cares for everyone in society, a party of opportunity. As Robert Halfon MP said "We are the Party of the ladder" a party that helps people out of poverty and gives them true opportunity to improve their lives - a prospect that makes The United Kingdom the greatest country in the world.

How can the Party assist in getting this message across the South-West to achieve the 'full 55'? We must continue as 'One Nation' Conservatives - the true party of the workers. Through these ideals - along with mobilising our youth movement, to show how Conservatives aren't just for the aged rich, we will see the true colours of the electorate. The seats at the upcoming 'Mid-Term' council elections and in 2020 I for one believe will return blue.

Will Elliott is the Conservative Future Regional Chairman for the South West.

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