Why We Back Zac!

Since campaigning for Zac Goldsmith I have met some very special women. We all share the same determination and commitment to see Zac elected as our next Mayor of London! 

As the Deputy Chair of CWF Organising Committee I am pleased to share our reasons with you.


Screen_Shot_2016-04-08_at_12.26.47.pngMy name is Molly Samuel-Leport, and I am a strong supporter of Zac Goldsmith because I believe he is the best candidate to continue Boris Johnson's legacy. I am always being asked why I am voting for Zac Goldsmith, and am told I should be voting for Khan. 

I grew up in the East End of London and can relate to the struggles that many people have experienced and faced in similar circumstances. This leads me to think to myself: how can this be changed? I became interested in politics, and realised that the only way to stop these struggles from happening to others is through voting Conservative. I have worked with schools, young offender organisations, families and taught young people in the fields of information technology, sport self-defence and provided motivational speeches, with the intentions of using my personal life story as an example to show people can change and better themselves. I believe Zac Goldsmith's policies will work to enrich the life of Londoners. Last year I had the pleasure of meeting Zac and Nick De Bois, his campaign director, as I was fortunate enough to have stood in Walthamstow as a Conservative Parliamentary Candidate. They came to Walthamstow to find out what issues were important in my area. The issues in Walthamstow are primarily homes and renting. People are unable to afford to buy houses, and renting properties is too expensive. I was impressed with Zac Goldsmith because he could have sent a representative like many others do, but instead in came in person. The more I listen to Zac, the more I realise his reason for wanting change is his passion for this great city - London. This passion has then inspired him to dedicate long hours trying to help London and Londoners succeed.  

Zac believes he can make a difference through his "London Plan" and frankly, so do I. When I spoke with him about Walthamstow and the serious issues my area faces, he listened with real care and interest. He is a compassionate person with a burning ambition to facilitate effective changes for Londoners. Zac has been a very successful MP in his own constituency, and the residents gave him a standing ovation by giving him an increased majority of more than 23,000 votes, compared to a majority of 4,000 in 2010. This wasn't an accident. Zac delivered on every promise he made. That's why I am voting for him: I know he will do exactly the same for London. 

Zac's manifesto will give developers the power to build more homes for Londoners on average pay, and double the rate of houses by building 50,000 homes each year by 2020. He will appoint a "Chief Architect" and "flying planners" to provide expert support to boroughs. Zac will consult Londoners on what styles of new homes they want to see built.  Zac will help communities in London to draft their own local design guide for developers, and will guarantee homes built on TFL land are ring-fenced for Londoners. This manifesto will help more Londoners buy off-plan through a new "Mayor's mortgage" scheme, and small builders will be given the chance to have first refusal on any public sector sites. In my opinion the strongest element to Zac's whole housing plan is that he will set up a housing fund to match public and private investment, and strengthen the London Rental standard. 

The other element of Zac's manifesto which I think is particularly important is to do with knife crime. He's only the candidate for Mayor at the moment, but his has already managed to campaign to get Amazon to stop selling the so-called "Zombie Killer" knife online. These are knives that appeal to under-age young people. Knife crime in the capital is going up, and is one of the major problems with crime faced in our capital. 

Protecting our pensioners' Freedom Pass will help them to continue to enjoy the opportunities to travel and explore places as opposed to being at home on their own. This is important because it's not just about providing people with free travel passes: it's also about ensuring the NHS does not cover the cost of the effects of inactivity which happens to so many of our pensioners.  

In my opinion Zac's "London Plan" has concentrated on the key areas of concern in communities. It has found ways to make housing and renting affordable for all, addressed the problem of easy access of dangerous knives online through companies such as Amazon, and supports our pensioners health by ensuring they are still able to enjoy life through travel in their later years. 

Those are some of the reasons why I am supporting Zac. I have given 100% support to Zac and will continue to do so until Thursday, 5th May. I hope you vote for Zac Goldsmith not just as your first preference but as your first, second and third.   

Molly Samuel-Leport MBE is the Deputy Chairman of Conservative Way Forward's Organising Committee. She is also the Chairman of the North-East London Conservative Women's Organisation, and is a Seven-Times World Karate Champion. 

My name is Tamkeen Shaikh. I have worked as a freelance journalist for more than 14 Screen_Shot_2016-04-08_at_03.15.06.pngyears, and have also been a very successful Programme Manager for more 7 years in the welfare to work sector. I live in Barking, East London, and am Deputy Chairman (Political) for Barking constituency. In addition to organising local social and political events, I am also the School Governor for Ripple Primary School. 

London has a very diverse community, which has very high expectations. It is a community which needs to thrive and keep its originality intact. Boris Johnson has done a great job, and his legacy needs to be carried on. With such a large diverse community with various ethnic backgrounds, there are huge expectations from the Mayor of London. It’s a big responsibility.  

I have met Zac Goldsmith on the campaign trail. He is truly a gentleman with the calmness to listen, accept the challenges of politics, and make appropriate decisions. He is ready to make tireless efforts to uplift the capital and adapt to the huge changing demands of ordinary people. He connects so naturally with people of all ethnicities, as if we know each of them since birth.  

There are couple of policies which are my favourite. First is housing. Zac wants to tackle the problems with housing, and has a plan to achieve it while also keeping the green belt intact. We are already facing a great impact with climate change, if we destroy our green belts then we will end up in an even worse situation. 

The second important policy is transport. We need to expand and strengthen transportation lines throughout London. With the growing demand and immense pressure it is going to be tough to keep Londoners going, but Zac has a plan.  

There are countless reasons why Sadiq Can’t. He does not have any plans. He has gone wrong on housing, and he has gone wrong on transport. We need a Mayor who can fight for the priorities of Londoners, who can fight to deliver the best for the Londoners. Sadiq Can’t. Mr Khan must remember we are living in 2016 where elections are fought on credibility and abilities to deliver, not on the ethnicity card - it is time to wake up!

Screen_Shot_2016-04-08_at_03.40.07.pngMy name is Bertha Joseph. I served as a Councillor on Brent Council for just over 24 years and I was the first African Caribbean Mayor of the London Borough of Brent: London's most diverse borough. I am also the Secretary of Brent Central Conservative Association.  

I am privileged to be in a position to vote for and support Zac Goldsmith as our next Mayor of London, to succeed Boris Johnson and continue Boris's legacy.   

I have been campaigning for Zac Goldsmith because I firmly believe that his focus on housing, transport and green open space are issues that many Londoners can identify with and are concerned about. What impresses me most is that these are not issues which Zac is raising because he is a Candidate for Mayor of London. He has consistently raised these issues and he has a very good record for following things through.  

Zac's commitment to inclusivity and diversity is second to none. His very sensitive approach to issues and his desire for inclusiveness is very impressive to me as someone who managed a Business Unit responsible for Hate Crime in South East London. I know Zac, and I am speaking from personal experience. Zac is a very safe pair of hands and I trust him with the keys to City Hall because I believe that he will deliver his promises and continue Boris Johnson's legacy, making London the most desirable City in Europe and the world.  

I'm voting for Zac Goldsmith and I urge all my family and friends to trust my judgement and vote for Zac Goldsmith on May 5th.  

Screen_Shot_2016-04-08_at_03.52.14.pngLast summer, I met this wonderful man at a hustings. The first thing that struck me about him was his pleasing personality and friendly mannerism. He was not at all intimidating, hardly politician like. I instantly liked him. I remember him mingling with the crowd, with comfort and honestly.

Subsequently, I met this man many times. I have heard him talk, give cogent speeches, and of course he was rightly and deservedly selected as the man representing Conservatives in the London Mayoral Elections. Personally, I truly think he was the best candidate. Zac Goldsmith’s past is evidence of his integrity and honesty. He believes in his principles, and he fights for them tooth and nail. 

Zac is not your usual politician. He fights for his constituents, not his career. His speeches clearly spell out his beliefs. His number one priority is London and Londoners' prosperity. He dreams of a greener London, and his policies are clever, long-term, and feasible. Zac Goldsmith is in the race for London Mayor for the people of London. 

I am ALL FOR Zac Goldsmith. Whether it’s his green policies, his housing strategies, transport ideas or the way he approaches BAME voters, he is simply impeccable. Zac has blown the competition away, especially Sadiq Khan (Khant). Zac is a natural leader, and I wouldn’t want anyone but him taking London forward and making our city the best in the world. For me, my family and my children: Zac works!!

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  • Helen Hewitt
    commented 2016-04-11 20:13:02 +0100
    I support Zac Goldsmith because he is evidently a clear and lateral thinker in terms of his strategy for London.

    His plans are COSTED (unlike his opponent, Khan, resourceful and will benefit the whole of London.

    With bags of charisma and genuine interest in the needs of the electorate, strongly held principles (the environment – “Clean Air”, etc.), Zac is what we need to make the best of Boris Johnson’s phenomenally successful London Mayorality and make London a place that everyone can enjoy living in, not to mention with his housing proposals, afford to live in.

    That’s why I’m voting for Zac on 5 May 2016 and proud to give his campaign my backing.
  • Mauria Walker
    commented 2016-04-08 23:00:00 +0100