Whitters must be as radical as Maggie over Beeb


Documents released today by the National Archives show that Maggie was not exactly happy with the way in which the BBC was funded.

Home Secretary, Leon Brittan, wrote to Thatcher in 1985 proposing a committee be set up to consider 'all the implications of advertising, and put forward alternative options rather than a single recommendation.' Maggie, who was a well known advocate of bringing advertising to the bureaucratic and wasteful monolith of the BBC, was not happy. Don't cross Maggie Thatcher ...

Maggie wrote in large letters at the top of Brittan's letter 'No, the terms of reference [of the committee] are far too limited. Perhaps I might be consulted?!'. She also strongly objected to the proposed chair, Alan Peacock, deliberately inserting in big letters 'NOT!' into the letter's sentence 'I propose, if you agree, to approach Professor Alan Peacock.' Very Clear ...

Sadly Maggie did not win this battle. But, given that she was busy saving the British economy, I think we can forgive her. Our new Culture Secretary today has a monumental task ahead of him, and he deserves our every possible support. The BBC needs to be radically more transparent, more in tune with the British public, and waste less money. Come on Whitters we're all with you...

This article is by Elliott Johnson the Political Editor of CWF.

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  • Thomas Smith
    commented 2015-07-16 17:07:36 +0100
    totally agree with the lady Thatcher and Elliott on this I have long said even before being active in politics that the BBC should not be publicly funded and should It wish to provide a world service that it should be paid for by the BBC and not by the British taxpayer when they have had their services cut by the BBC it is a relic of the past that needs to be altered