WATCH: Dr Liam Fox MP - Yes To Europe But No To The EU

Europe is a continent rich with cultural diversity and heritage. It is made up of individual nations with their own identities and traditions and Britain is a proud part of that European family.

Europe has given the world great treasures in art, music and literature and has led the world in scientific advance. From da Vinci, Mozart and Shakespeare to vaccines and antibiotics, Europe has been at the heart of global enrichment.

My father taught French and Spanish so we spent a lot of time as a family in Europe when I was young. I loved and still love the sheer variety that Europe offers.

But Europe and the EU are not the same thing. The EU is a short-term political construct that is holding back the people of Europe at a time of great global change. Wanting to leave the EU is not anti-European. And it is a lie to pretend it is.

I want to be culturally European but politically British. Outside the EU, Britain will still be European and proud of it but free to take control and shape our own destiny.

Dr Liam Fox is the Conservative Member of Parliament for North Somerset, and has previously served as Secretary of State for Defence.Β Follow him on Twitter.

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