VICTORY: Sadiq caves under pressure


CWF has scored a big victory today in getting Labour MP Sadiq Khan, after three days of pressure, to finally condemn Anjem Choudary's Islamist rally outside of Tooting Broadway station.

CWF yesterday launched a massive online campaign to get Khan, who wants to be the next Mayor of London, to condemn hate preaching on the streets of constituency last Saturday. This had caused a great deal of distress among residents of Tooting's diverse community and yet Khan had failed to respond to their concerns. This was even after being directly tweeted at on multiple occasions ...

Khan in his tweet offers an excuse for his inaction. He said 'we shouldn't give them [hate preachers] the oxygen of publicity'. Or we could counter the evil they spout ...

We will keep you updated if this story progresses any further.

Elliott Johnson is the Political Editor of Conservative Way Forward.

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