The Week That Was: London Election Special Edition

WATCH: Check out this video showing why Conservative Way Forward activists support Zac Goldsmith!




On Polling Day, tomorrow afternoon, Conservative Way Forward will be helping to Get out the Vote with Greg Hands MP in Fulham and Chelsea. We will be meeting at the Campaign Centre at 9 Ringmer Avenue - about 10 minutes walk from Parsons Green tube (District line). Greg will be there ready to welcome us and send us on our way with our group leaders!

Then, after close of poll, come and join us in the Fulham Broadway Bar and Grill (474-476 Fulham Road, SW6 1BY) for a well-earned drink.

Chrissie will be at Parsons Green tube at 3.30pm ready to guide you to the campaign centre. Please call her on 07716 066393 if you have any problems.
Make no mistake, this is a turn-out election. We need to keep battling to the last minute.

Sign up to join us here and click attending on Facebook.

Conservative Way Forward activists will be campaigning across London on Thursday morning (from 6am) and afternoon. Please call Theodora Dickinson on 07753 386808 or e-mail her at [email protected] to find out what’s happening in your local area. 

On the Forward! Blog: Why Conservative Way Forward Activists Back Zac

Molly Samuel-Leport MBE: Why I Back Zac

I grew up in the East End of London and can relate to the struggles that many people have experienced and faced in similar circumstances. This leads me to think to myself: how can this be changed? I became interested in politics, and realised that the only way to stop these struggles from happening to others is through voting Conservative.

Benjamin Elijah: Zac Goldsmith Will Make London Greater

Creating jobs and boosting the economy is of prime importance in a creating a successful big city. This election is not just about a change of personnel, it has the opportunity to be the catalyst for a big influx of revenue.

Jill Wallis: I am 'Old Labour', but I'm going to Back Zac

There are actually some amazing people locked up in our prisons who could contribute a lot to our City. I also suspect that the same potential exists in London street gangs. Zac Goldsmith's free school proposal, executed in the right way and staffed by the right people would, I believe, provide a route away from gangs and an opportunity for ex-members to reach their potential and avoid a life of crime and prison.

Esther Das: Why I support Zac Goldsmith

I would feel safer in London if Zac Goldsmith were the Mayor of London. All the other very important issues of better homes, transport, support for small business and the economy are secondary to my right to live. I need a Mayor who is willing and able to ensure that security will be dealt with appropriately, especially after the recent attacks on Brussels and Paris.

Kishan Devani: Zac Goldsmith - The Mayor of London, London Needs!

Zac Goldsmith will not only build on Boris's legacy, but will also redefine it, Zac has the ability to shape London's future for the better. He can shape the face of modern Conservatism in London by taking our message across the political spectrum. Whether it is the eurosceptic UKIP supporters, the environmentally aware Greens, or the undecided Liberals, Zac has the ability to gain the confidence of all these voters and can spread our positive message to them.

Councillor Joy Morrissey: Why I Back Zac

My priority for London is affordable housing for working people of my generation. One of Boris Johnson's greatest achievements has been to deliver 100,000 new homes for London. I'm confident that Zac will build on that as well as working tirelessly to improve the lives of Londoners in terms of transport and the environment. The alternative left wing socialist paradise promised by his opponent will not only fail to deliver, but set our capital city back decades.  We must ensure victory for Zac to stop that nightmare becoming reality.

Five Must Reads

1. BACKZAC2016 – Zac’s Action Plan for Greater London

Zac Goldsmith has an Action Plan for Greater London. Over the next four years, if elected as Mayor, will work with the Government to fix London’s housing crisis, improve the capacity and reliability of London’s transport system, improve London’s living environment, and make London’s streets safer – all paid for without increasing Mayoral council tax.

2. THE TELEGRAPH – Zac Goldsmith will put Londoners first

It is clear that the Conservative Mr Goldsmith is the best candidate. He has received acclaim as an MP for Richmond, always prepared to defy the party whips when his conscience demanded it; been a pioneering campaigner for the environment; and swum against the tide as a supporter of Brexit. Whether one agrees with Mr Goldsmith’s views on everything or not, this is a man of principle who will put the needs of Londoners first. He wants to promote regeneration, expand green spaces, build more homes and beef up counter-terrorism. He pledges that he will not bow to Left-wing special interests, that he will finance 500 extra police officers on the Underground by scrapping union perks.

These are the priorities that really matter. The success of London is critical to the economic health of the rest of the country; it needs a leader who understands business and values aspiration.

3. THE EVENING STANDARD: Karren Brady - Why I’m backing Zac Goldsmith to be the next London mayor

Most of all, Londoners need secure economic foundations. To most people that means stable taxation and people keeping more of the money they earn. That is why Zac’s commitment to a council tax freeze is so important, and Khan’s threat of tax rises is so troubling. 

Boris Johnson has left London with a fantastic legacy: a tech sector that is challenging the world’s best, record transport investment including Crossrail 1, more people in work than at any other time in London’s history. Zac will take that success and make it work for everyone in our city.

4. CONSERVATIVE FRIENDS OF ISRAEL: Zac Goldsmith - Israel is a shining light in an otherwise dark part of the world

Israel is one of the most extraordinary countries on earth. It is the only democracy in an area of the world where there is no true democracy besides Israel. It is a little shining light in an otherwise dark part of the world, and I think we should do everything we can to strengthen our relationship

5. CITY AM: Patrick McLoughlin - Only Zac Goldsmith can be trusted with the Tube

Zac Goldsmith is the only candidate who’s put forward a fully-costed Action Plan for Greater London that will grow the transport network. It includes increasing capacity by a third at key pressure points on the Tube, extending the Croydon Tramlink to Sutton and the Overground to Barking Riverside, and delivering Crossrail 2.

This new infrastructure is vital, not just to keep London moving, but also to get London building. Taken together it will unlock the land for 270,000 badly-needed homes.