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This Week on the Forward! Blog

Joe Porter: On June 23rd we must vote to leave the EU

“My core belief in democratic accountability informs my view of the European Union. It should always be possible for voters to evict those who act in their name. The EU fails on that test. Real power in Brussels rests in unelected institutions. That’s why I believe it's time for Britain to become a proud, independent, sovereign nation again and take back control of our borders and affairs. We will not be voting to leave Europe, but to leave the European Union.”

Chris Rowell: Your vote is as important as David Cameron's

“A significant proportion of the population have not yet made up their mind. Some may not do so until they’re in the polling booth, and they will be basing their decisions on what they hear from the Leave and Remain campaigns between now and June 23rd. It falls on our MPs, councillors, leading business people and community leaders, the opinion formers of our society, to show leadership, communicate information and refute the arguments of our opponents.” 


Five Must Reads

1. CITY AM: James Cleverly MP - Zac Goldsmith champions what's right, not just what's political

“Goldsmith has shown time and time again that he follows his heart. This was the Member of Parliament that pushed for the right of recall so constituents could punish poor performing MPs, campaigned in opposition to a third runway at Heathrow and championed green Conservatism before they were cool.” 

2. THE TELEGRAPH: Penny Mordaunt MP - The spirit of Dunkirk will see us thrive outside the EU

“When Britain stood alone in 1940 after the defeat at Dunkirk, we were cut off and ridiculed. True leadership sometimes does feel isolating. Yet we have never suffered for it. We are resourceful; we are well connected; our brand is strong in the world.”

3. CONSERVATIVE HOME: Dan Watkins - Conservative localism is working – and here’s evidence from on the ground

“Just as voters trust their own MP more than generic ‘Westminster MPs’, because of the visibility that a constituency MP will have in their area, the perception that voters and politicians are powerless is best removed by demonstrating real influence on very local issues – ones that voters can see with their own eyes.”

4. CAPX: Calestous Juma - How the EU starves Africa into submission

“To achieve its technological objectives, Africa needs to partner with countries such as the United Kingdom that have historical knowledge of the continent. But collective EU policies make it difficult for Africa to engage productively with the UK in areas such as agricultural biotechnology.”

5. TORY WORKERS: Beth Prescott - Opportunity, Aspiration, Encouragement. Why I, as a young and ambitious Northerner, am a Conservative through and through

“I had no problem with being encouraged in the direction of University and I am proud that there are now record levels of students from disadvantaged backgrounds going to University. What I did have a problem with was being made to feel like it was the only way. What I love about the Conservative Party, is that it is working to help young people recognise they have a choice. We want every young person leaving school to view both apprenticeships and university as equally great opportunities of equal value.”


Upcoming Events 

5th March:

Come and join CWF on Saturday 5th March to campaign in the Vale of Glamorgan. It’s a classic marginal seat, having been won by the party that has gone on to form a government at every general election, but has never been won by the Conservatives at an Assembly level.

Labour only need to lose one seat to lose control of the Assembly. So the Vale of Glamorgan and a handful of other Conservaive/Labour marginal constituencies will be decisive. Last year showed Conservatives winning seats from Labour across Wales and substantially increasing the majority in the Vale of Glamorgan. There is the potential for real change in Wales. Our candidate in the Vale of Glamorgan is Ross England. He was born in Cardiff and raised locally, and is standing on a platform of getting the best deal for the Vale of Glamorgan from Cardiff Bay, cutting income tax, and fighting against the ‘slow-motion disintegration’ of the union.

Sign up here.

12th March:

Join us on Saturday March 12th for a massive campaign day in Hampstead.

The mayoral election is too close to call, but a small push in strategic places across London can and will make a huge difference. We’ll be joined by local councillors and association members, and will reward an important day’s work with dinner and drinks afterwards.

Book your ticket here.

19th March:

Conservative Way Forward's next Academy will be on Saturday 19th March with Peter Botting, in a central London location.

This is a 4-hour, intensive public speaking workshop - with practical training in a small group. It is designed to help leading Conservative activists to build up their confidence about speaking to large crowds and on TV/radio. 

Book your ticket here.


Hero of the Week

Conservative Way Forward's 'Hero of the Week' is former Chancellor of the Exchequer Nigel Lawson, who this week gave a speech to the Royal Institute of International Affairs, Chatham House, outlining the political and economic reasons why national sovereignty is incompatible with continued UK membership of the European Union.

“The first and most important reason for Brexit is that the European Union is a political project whose overriding objective is one that we in Britain do not share.

Curiously, in this country, unlike on the continent, there is a reluctance to believe that politics can trump economics.

Let us be under no illusion: this is a political, and not an economic, enterprise.

This is what ‘ever closer union’ is all about.”