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This Week on the Forward! Blog 

Councillor Joy Morrissey: Why I Back Zac

“My priority for London is affordable housing for working people of my generation. One of Boris Johnson's greatest achievements has been to deliver 100,000 new homes for London. I'm confident that Zac will build on that as well as working tirelessly to improve the lives of Londoners in terms of transport and the environment. The alternative left wing socialist paradise promised by his opponent will not only fail to deliver, but set our capital city back decades.  We must ensure victory for Zac to stop that nightmare becoming reality.”

Nicholas Mazzei: Why 'Making Crime Pay' is an Ineffectual Strategy

“I want to tell you a story about a young man, who I will call ‘T’. T is a 23 year old father of one who has spent the last few years in prison for drug dealing offences. T was a very, very good drug dealer and made a lot of money. He is one of the best salesmen I have ever met, puts his focus on customer service as the highest priority and knows how to build a brand. When I met T and we went through a process to turn his life into one of good, honest work, he said to me that he felt the one thing missing in life was a sense of worth, of fulfilling his potential.” 


Five Must Reads 

1. THE SPECTATOR: Dan Hannan - What Brexit would look like for Britain

“The alternative to remaining in a structurally unsafe building is, of course, walking out; but I accept that this won’t quite do as an answer. Although staying in the EU is a greater risk than leaving — the migration and euro crises are deepening, and Britain is being dragged into them — change-aversion is deep in our genome, and we vote accordingly. Europhiles know that most referendums go the way of the status quo, which is why their campaign is based around conjuring inchoate fears of change.”

2. THE TIMES: Mike Jackson and Julian Lewis MP - We would be mad to abandon Trident

“The British strategic deterrent is not a panacea, and is not designed to tackle terrorist threats. Yet the dangers it deters — state nuclear blackmail or attack — cannot be averted by any other means or any quantity of conventional forces alone.” 

3. CONSERVATIVE HOME: Paul Goodman - Tax breaks for saving should help poorer people most

“Retired millionaries find themselves entitled to free bus passes, the winter fuel allowance and free TV licences while younger workers stump up for the taxes to pay for them, plug gaps in company pension schemes, fund social care and foot the bill for a National Health Service that they are less likely to use as often.

4. CITY AM: Lord Howell and Tim Hewish - Restricting skilled worker visas will hit the economy and harm UK-Commonwealth relations

“As the UK gazes on myriad European continental concerns, it must not forget its much wider international make-up of which the Commonwealth proudly plays its part.” 

5. THE INSTITUTE OF ECONOMIC AFFAIRS: Anders Ydstedt – How high-tax Sweden abolished its disastrous inheritance

“The abolition of inheritance and gift tax marked the start of a broader debate on ownership issues in Sweden, a debate that eventually led to the abolition of wealth tax in 2007 and a more reasonable taxation of owner-led corporations.”


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28th January - SOLD OUT:

Conservative Way Forward's next Academy is a special edition with Peter Botting. We are continuing in our mission to find and train young Conservatives and provide them with the skills they will need to be a leader within the Party. Peter is a world-renowned trainer in public speaking and storytelling and we are looking forward to another fascinating session!

3rd February:

Conservative Way Forward is hosting a 25th Anniversary Gala Dinner with the Rt. Hon Sajid Javid MP, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation, and Skills. Come and celebrate 25 years of CWF with us!

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Heroes of the Week

Conservative Way Forward's 'Heroes of the Week' are a group of London Conservative Councillors from Westminster, Camden, and Hammersmith & Fulham Councils, including the Chairman of our Organising Committee, Oliver Cooper. Late last year they wrote to the Mayor of London to urge him to “think again” about Transport for London’s proposed crack-down on Uber. 

The Councillors expressed their concern about these new regulations, which would affect “a significant number of their residents”, who “use Uber as a convenient, competitively priced and forward looking service that is setting the pace in the taxi market”, and urged Boris to “review these proposals and let competition and the free market settle this matter, not state interference”.

This week Transport for London decided to drop their proposed anti-free market and anti-consumer regulations.

Find the full roll of honour below:

  • Oliver Cooper
  • Tom Currie
  • Claire-Louise Leyland
  • Leila Roy
  • Gio Spinella
  • Paul Church
  • Thomas Crockett
  • Peter Cuthbertson
  • Tony Devenish
  • JP Floru
  • Richard Holloway
  • Gotz Mohindra
  • Greg Smith
  • Mike Adam
  • Nick Botterill
  • Andrew Brown
  • Joe Carlebach
  • Charlie Dewhirst
  • Belinda Donovan
  • Caroline Ffiske
  • Marcus Ginn
  • Steve Hamilton
  • Lucy Ivimy
  • Alex Karmel
  • Robert Largan
  • Jane Law
  • Viya Nsumbu
  • Harry Phibbs