The Week That Was

Action Today

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Five Must Reads

1. THE TELEGRAPH: Suella Fernandes – Britain is so obsessed with human rights it has forgotten about human duties

“‘I know my rights' has invaded our common parlance and poached us of the vocabulary of responsibility.”

2. THE EVENING STANDARD: Zac Goldsmith – Heathrow as a hub is not the answer

"London’s prosperity depends on it being connected to the world — particularly those emerging markets where new business and jobs will come from. That is not best achieved by creating a monopoly on one edge of our city. We need competition and choice."

3. CONSERVATIVE HOME: Mark Wallace – Thatcher still has that star quality

"She didn’t get everything right, nor was she perfect – but she was correct much more often than not, and she dominated and defined her age more than any politician has before or since.

Even now she’s gone, Thatcher is still running rings round her opponents."

4. THE TELEGRAPH: Julia Hartley-Brewer – Today's feminists are so out of touch with how most women live they might as well be on another planet

"Asked to talk about my feminism, I pointed out that I rarely think about it. I just, like millions of other women, get on with my life and made the choices that suited me and my family."

5. THE SUNDAY TIMES: David Willetts – Britain joins the frontrunners in space

“There is a widespread but misconceived British belief that manned space is an expensive luxury. It is in fact a crucial part of modern infrastructure.”


Hero of the Week

Conservative Way Forward's 'Heroes of the Week' are the YPG - a militia of Syrian Kurds who this week launched an offensive against IS in northern Syria. They have re-captured swathes of territory from the extremist group, and will soon launch another major attack under the cover of coalition airstrikes.