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What Conservative Way Forward Members thought of the Budget 

Joe Porter: Council tax must be kept as low as possible

Across the country families are facing substantial council tax rises. As a Conservative, I believe in low taxation and keeping bills as low as possible for taxpayers. And as a Conservative, I will always campaign against any unnecessary rises in tax for hardworking families.

Ben Brittain: Britain has outgrown the European Union

Our little island has always had an internationalist outlook. The cluster of members which make up our British family has always looked beyond its own borders and seen hope, trade and opportunity.

Five Must Reads

1. CITY AM: Debbie Wosskow - George Osborne's digital tax breaks prove Britain's a world leader in the sharing economy

“The UK is truly the home of the sharing economy and leading the global stage in this space. Whilst the US has previously been recognised as the most established in the sharing economy, today’s budget announcement proves that the UK is one step ahead.”

2. CAPX: Sander Loones MEP - The ECB’s easy money is making Europe’s economic crisis worse

“Monetary doping – that is what Mario Draghi is dealing out to the European economy. One year ago, the European Central Bank (ECB) started quantitative easing (QE) under his leadership, in addition to the low interest policy that had already been in place for years. The result was to be expected: economic growth is disappointing. The stock markets dance to the unstable rhythm of Mario Draghi’s press releases and belief in central bankers is on the wane. There is an atmosphere of insecurity. The primary goal that Mario Draghi had set – increased consumer price inflation – has not been attained. However, he doesn’t appear to be adjusting his plans. On the contrary, in applying the principle of ‘when in trouble, double’, he decided last Thursday to steer towards even more monetary recklessness.”

3. CONSERVATIVE HOME: Ruth Davidson MSP - Sturgeon has broken her promise that Scotland’s referendum was “once in a generation”.

“Every now and then, Alex Salmond will pop up to declare that another referendum is on its way – that it’s inevitable, round the next corner, just you wait. And more forests will die to produce another document which reveals that, if only Westminster wasn’t there, Scotland could have more generous welfare, lower taxes, better weather and a free unicorn in every back garden.”

4. THE TELEGRAPH: David Owen - The EU deal with Turkey is fraught with dangers

“The proposed Turkey deal is one more demonstration of the EU’s dangerous short-termism in foreign policy matters – of which the reckless wording of the Ukraine accession agreement has been the most dangerous example, one which risked dragging the EU to war with Russia.”

5. THE NEW STATESMAN: George Eaton - John McDonnell named Lenin and Trotsky as his biggest influences

“On 13 September 2015, for the first time in British history, a Marxist entered the office of shadow chancellor. Unlike Jeremy Corbyn, who recently confessed that he had not ‘read as much of Marx as I should have done’, John McDonnell is described by friends as a ‘true follower’ of the philosopher.”

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Hero of the Week

Conservative Way Forward's 'Hero of the Week' is Mark Littlewood, Director General of the Institute of Economic Affairs, for his excellent appearance on BBC’s ‘Question Time’ on Thursday evening.

“We have got to let teachers teach. We are having political arguments that lead to endless form filling, tick boxes, incredibly prescriptive national curriculums about exactly what each pupil needs to know and when. Let’s put our faith back in the teaching profession. Let them decide the curriculum, let them work out what happens in the classroom.”

Watch the full programme here.