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Conservative Way Forward is supporting the campaign to Vote Leave and Take Control on June 23rd.

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Read this article from our Chairman, Sir Gerald Howarth MP, explaining why Conservative Way Forward will be campaigning for Britain to leave the European Union

We want to:

  • return control to our Parliament, answerable to the British people, not European bureaucrats;

  • regain control of our borders to stem the flow of EU immigration; and,

  • save the taxpayer £350 million per week which the UK currently pays to Brussels.


This Week on the Forward! Blog

Gareth Bacon AM: Barnet’s election farce disenfranchised voters

Last week’s election farce in Barnet has cost the council’s CEO his job and could very well have affected the overall list result for the London Assembly.

But most importantly of all, the administrative disaster, which resulted in thousands of voters being turned away from polling stations, prevented the general public from having their say in these vital elections.

Seyyed Ali: What Britons Can Learn from the Victorian Marryat on Deciding upon Brexit

Captain Marryat supported his party when he was needed, however, he was never elected as a Member of Parliament. He dared to criticise both the opposition and his own party because he always prioritised national interests. This made him an honest and candid man.

Edmund Marriage: What we should all be hoping to achieve for Agriculture and the Environment

From inception the EU was forecast to fail by the most knowledgeable economists primarily because one currency for trading partners creates opportunities for some and serious losses for others. Currencies require market adjustments to reflect the economic health of individual countries, the most basic law of international economics.

Five Must Reads

1. CONSERVATIVE HOME: Ruth Davidson - How we became Scotland’s official opposition – and what we are going to do next

We have spoken to more people across Scotland in this election than at any election in the last 20 years.

The election we fought was rooted in our values – respecting the decision the country made to stay part of the United Kingdom, improving our schools, valuing vocational education as much as academic education, helping business and sticking up for families by opposing named person legislation.

It was also about being a strong counterpoint to a government which many people – especially no voters at the referendum – feel ignored and let down by. There is a real yearning in Scotland for someone – anyone – to take the SNP on. Someone who will stand up to them and tell them ‘no’ every once in a while.

2. CAPX: Andrew Roberts - In defence of Zac Goldsmith

I predict that the day is not far off when many more than 994,000 people will wish they had voted for Zac Goldsmith.

3. THE TELEGRAPH: Charles Moore - Turkey's President Erdogan is not a nice man. We should resist him rather than pander to him

Erdogan closes down newspapers and jails political opponents. He supports Islamist extremists in other states, such as the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. He has built himself a presidential palace in Ankara which cost €270 million. He removed the colossal Statue of Humanity, which had been erected in Kars to symbolise reconciliation between Turks and Armenians for the former’s massacre of the latter. He has re-Islamised a firmly secular polity. He purveys Ottoman rhetoric and plays out pseudo-Ottoman ceremonies, as if he were the new Sultan.

4. THE YORKSHIRE POST: Spencer Pitfield - Work ethic and PR will help Tories win power in North

There is an old campaigning adage: “Where we work, we win”. It is a mantra which I suppose all parties subscribe to.

Over the years, I have seen on many occasions Conservatives win on the back of such an approach – often in areas where you might think it absolutely impossible. You only have to look at Ruth Davidson’s Scottish success last week – where we work, we win. So we need to get out and about, work hard to earn the trust of local people – voters will no doubt place their trust in our campaigners if they see dedicated hard work and genuine passion and commitment for their local area.

*Congratulations Spencer, on your OBE from all at Conservative Way Forward!

5. THE SPECTATOR: Brendan O'Neill - The internet’s war on free speech

This week it was revealed that Facebook has been suppressing news stories from conservative sources. Facebook, used by 1.6 billion people, bigs itself up as a neutral distributor of news and facilitator of global chat. Yet, according to a former editor there, popular conservative stories are often kept off Facebook’s trending bar, either because the curator ‘didn’t recognise the news topic’ or ‘they had a bias’.

Five Must Reads: EU Referendum

1. CONSERVATIVE HOME: Iain Duncan Smith: Join me in fighting for Britain’s future

On June 23rd, we must decide: should the United Kingdom remain as one of 28 countries in a centralising bureaucratic organisation that claims superiority over our elected parliament and our courts? Or should we seize this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take back control of our democracy, control of our borders, control of our migration system and control of our own laws. In short, to reclaim our independence from the EU?

2. DAILY EXPRESS: Cllr Paul Osborn - Vote Leave if you believe in democracy

If you can’t see how laws are made and can’t get rid of those who make them then you don’t live in a democracy and I want to live in a democracy.

3. CAPX: Daniel Hannan - Remain campaign is misleading voters on the Single Market

I’ve noticed, over the past couple of months, that Remainers like to portray themselves – indeed, like to think of themselves – as moderate sorts resisting populism. But listen to how they talk. Listen to the way they knowingly misrepresent the Leave position, talking down our economy in the process. Listen to the way they threaten us with poverty, wars and ecological calamity – as though these things would somehow follow from a gentle rearrangement of our regulatory regime. Which side is the more hysterical language coming from? Who are the real extremists here?

4. THE TELEGRAPH: Charlie Brooks - I think we're having the wool pulled over our eyes about the EU – do you agree?

I don’t buy it. Something stirring inside me rebels against all this. Like the recalcitrant schoolboy at the back of the class, I hate being lectured to. And like that same schoolboy, part of me suspects that the teacher doesn’t really know what he’s talking about.

5. CITY AM: Alan Sked - Why Britain really joined the EU and should now vote to leave it

Since the 1980s, the growth rate of the EU has gone down by 1 per cent every decade. Share of world GDP is in free fall. Today, the Eurozone is again on the brink of a fatal implosion over the Greek bailout and the whole of the EU is in a migration crisis exacerbated by its now absolute dependence on neo-fascist Turkey. The UK outside the Eurozone has experienced twice the growth and half the unemployment there. So we have gained nothing economically by being in the EU.

Action Today

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Upcoming Events

28th May: Campaign Day in Huntingdon!

As the EU referendum campaign hots up and the postal votes begin to be delivered, Conservative Way Forward will be taking the fight to John Major’s former constituency – Huntingdon – with a full weekend of campaigning.

We will be meeting at Huntingdon train station (just an hour from King’s Cross, and 15 minutes from Peterborough) at 12pm on Saturday, and will have a quick sandwich lunch before heading out campaigning.

Accommodation is available for free on the Saturday evening courtesy of a local activist, and further campaigning will be taking place on the Sunday morning and afternoon.

Sign up here.

7th June: Brexit Breakfast!

Come and join CWF as we throw a 'Brexit Breakfast' hosted by leading Brexit campaigner, the Rt. Hon Dr Liam Fox MP. 
Tickets are just £15 so don't miss out on this one-off event taking place just a couple of weeks before Referendum Day. Places are limited and due to security restrictions, we will not be able to admit anyone who hasn't booked in advance.

Click here for more information and to book your ticket! 

24th June: 'Outcome Party'!

Come and join CWF together with the Alderley Edge Conservatives as we celebrate (or commiserate!) the end of the EU Referendum Campaign!  We will be throwing an 'Outcome Party' with special guest speaker, James Cleverly MP.  Tickets are just £45 and include dinner, drinks and live music.

Book your ticket here!

Heroes of the Week

Conservative Way Forward's 'Heroes of the Week' are the Newcastle University students who have just voted by a 2 to 1 margin in favour of leaving the National Union of Students.  We congratulate them, and we look forward to all other universities following suit.

Read more here.