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This Week on the Forward! Blog

Louise Burfitt-Dons: Why it’s time for a moderate form of feminism to assert itself

“The past year should be a cause for concern. Jeremy Corbyn’s suggestion of Women-only railway carriages, segregation in University lectures and the advice given out in Germany following the attacks to not look ‘too cheerful in the streets’ is no answer.”


Five Must Reads

1. THE NEW STATESMAN: Graham Brady MP - When we vote to leave the EU, the PM should stay

“There is a massive difference between what Britain thought it was joining – the European Economic Community – and what it actually was joining. There was no appetite or decision to join a political Europe. That is something that has always needed to be resolved in some way and I think the more the eurozone, in particular, integrates with the continuing crisis, the more we will have to see massive political and fiscal integration and probably, still, the departure of some of the weaker eurozone countries. As that process goes on, the United Kingdom has got to redefine its relationship in a meaningful way.”

2. THE TELEGRAPH: Asa Bennett - Junior doctors have no one to blame but themselves

“The union threw the Government's ‘final’ offer back in its face, so the fact that Jeremy Hunt is now having to unilaterally impose the new contracts on junior doctors - after almost three years of talks - suggests it may regret its fit of pique. The BMA could threaten to keep on striking in protest, but it'll effectively be futile now that the decision has been taken.”

3. CONSERVATIVE HOME: Ed Vaizey MP - Labour’s cynical game. First they close libraries. Then they blame others.

“Councils have a legal obligation to provide comprehensive and efficient library services, and must consult with the local population on plans. We are the first Government to review every closure. Central government can and will intervene if a council is planning dramatic cuts. So it is simply untrue that Conservatives do not back libraries. The truth is that Labour are using libraries as a tool for their campaign about public finances.”

4. CITY AM: Luke Springthorpe - We should be very wary of apocalyptic predictions during the EU referendum campaign

“Given that the UK imports more from the EU than it exports, however, the EU stands to lose more than it would gain if the UK were to retaliate with its own protectionist measures. What’s more, given that large multinationals such as Unilever, Toyota and Nissan have said that the UK leaving the EU would not affect their desire to invest in the UK, such assertions should be taken with a pinch of salt.”

5. POLITICS HOME: John Whittingdale MP: I’m not some sort of Murdoch puppet sent in to take apart the BBC

“The Corporation will always remain a ‘great national institution’. But on funding, competition and local news, it has big questions to answer.”


Upcoming Events

20th February:

By 20th February we will be just 75 days away from the London Mayoral Elections. The polls are neck and neck, and it's clear that in the Mayoralty race there is all to play for! Conservative Way Forward will be leading the charge to campaign for Zac Goldsmith in Harrow West. 

We will meet up at 1pm for a quick sandwich lunch before heading out to campaign. Then we'll congregate in a local pub for some drinks and dinner.

Tickets are just £10 (including dinner and drinks), though if you would prefer just to come and campaign then just R.S.V.P. on facebook!

Book your ticket here.


19th March:

Conservative Way Forward's next Academy will be on Saturday 19th March with Peter Botting, in a central London location. 

This is a 4-hour, intensive public speaking workshop - with practical training in a small group. It is designed to help leading Conservative activists to build up their confidence about speaking to large crowds and on TV/radio. In a unique twist, we will also have the opportunity for those who are brave enough, to give their final speech to a TV camera with Peter’s guidance. 

Book your ticket here.


Hero of the Week 

Conservative Way Forward's 'Hero of the Week' is our Secretary of State for Health, Jeremy Hunt, for taking a stand against the belligerent British Medical Association and their repeated strike action, after the government’s chief negotiator, Sir David Dalton, told him that a deal with medics was "not possible”.

Speaking in the House of Commons, Jeremy Hunt said:

“Our strong preference was always for a negotiated solution. We demonstrated our willingness to negotiate, however the definition of negotiation is a discussion where both sides demonstrate flexibility and compromise on their original objectives, and the BMA proved unwilling to do this."