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Why We Back Zac!

Check out why four of our top activists, including the Deputy Chairman of our Organising Committee - Molly Samuel-Leport MBE - are supporting Zac Goldsmith for Mayor of London!


Five Must Reads 

1. THE TELEGRAPH: Boris Johnson MP - Pity the Port Talbot workers, their country is powerless to help them

We must not only accept that about 60 per cent of our legislation – primary and secondary – comes from the EU. We must also accept a fatal loss of flexibility, an inability to take decisions that might be in our national interest – and an inability even to make good our own mistakes.

2. CONSERVATIVE HOME: Liam Fox MP - How to ensure that this EU referendum doesn’t destroy the Conservative Party

As an ardent believer that Britain is better off outside the European Union, I feel the conflicted loyalties that many of the readers of this site will have. By this I do not mean loyalty to the leadership of the party. On this issue, anyone who does not understand that the Tory party is fundamentally divided on Europe cannot possibly have opened a newspaper or switched on the television for the past 30 years. No, the loyalty I mean is to the Party itself and its long-term survival. We have been a source of great prosperity and stability to our country steering it on a path of evolution not revolution, a great political rudder in stormy international and domestic political waters.

3. THE TELEGRAPH: William Hague - Donald Trump is speaking harsh truths, and the world needs to listen

Many millions of people have been voting for Trump, and my experience of 30 years of elections is that when you think voters might have gone mad, they are actually trying to tell you something.

4. THE INSTITUTE OF ECONOMIC AFFAIRS: Christopher Snowdon - UK is third worst country in the EU for nanny state interference

Britain is the third worst country in the EU for lifestyle freedoms. Only Finland and Sweden are worse places to be a drinker and nowhere is worse to be a smoker. The UK's only saving grace is its liberal approach to e-cigarettes, but all in all the results make depressing reading for those of us who want the government to keep out of our private lives. Unless you are a teetotal, non-smoking vegetarian, my advice is to go to Germany or the Czech Republic this summer.

5. BACKZAC2016: Zac Goldsmith launches his Transport Manifesto

Growing London’s transport network is a key part of my Action Plan for Greater London. It’s not just vital to keeping London moving, it’s also key to unlocking the land to build the homes London so badly needs.

That’s why I’ll protect investment in London’s transport system. And it’s why Sadiq Khan’s £1.9bn black hole in the transport budget would be such a dangerous experiment, bringing gridlock to our capital, fewer new homes and meaning council tax hikes for every family in Greater London.

Action Today 

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Upcoming Events 

16th April:

Come and join Conservative Way Forward and the Rt. Hon. Iain Duncan Smith in Chingford and Wood Green next weekend as we continue to campaign for victory on May 5th. 

We will be supporting local GLA candidate Sam Malik and Conservative Mayoral Candidate Zac Goldsmith. As we enter the last month of the campaign, it is vital to hit every street and every doorstep, in a bid to ensure our fantastic Conservative Assembly and Mayoral candidates are elected. 

Tickets are just £10 and include dinner and drinks with Iain.  

Book your ticket here.


26th April:

Come and join us on our crusade to find and train the leaders of the future with our 5th special edition CWF Academy with Adrian Pepper of Pepper Media. 

Adrian Pepper was the copywriter who created the Nine Principles of CWF, subsequently heralded by David Cameron as “the common ground of the Conservative Party today”. Adrian served as a Special Adviser in the 1992-7 Conservative government, has twice stood as parliamentary candidate, and was a European parliamentary candidate in 2014. 

Adrian’s training will be on the theme of Thatcherism and the Use of Powerful Communication. It should be attended by any Conservative candidate or campaigner wanting to understand more about how to translate political theory into practical political success.

Come and join us for just £10, and enjoy a glass of wine and nibbles too.

Book your ticket here.

Heroes of the Week 

Conservative Way Forward's 'Heroes of the Week' are Michael Gove, Priti Patel, John Whittingdale, Theresa Villiers, and Chris Grayling. These are five of the Cabinet’s most avowedly Thatcherite members, and they are at the top of this month’s Conservative Home's Cabinet League Table.  

Especial congratulations go to the Justice Secretary Michael Gove for also topping the Conservative Home future Tory leader survey.

Read more here.