The Taxpayers’ Alliance: The Public Sector Rich List

In conjunction with the Daily Mail, the TaxPayers’ Alliance has compiled an enlightening list of local authority employees with total annual remuneration over £100,000.


Local authority spending has been reduced by 23.4 per cent per person since 2009, however executive salaries in many local authorities remain high. At least 3,483 council employees receive total remuneration in excess of £100,000, at least 537 council employees receive remuneration in excess of £150,000, and at least 23 council employees receive remuneration in excess of £250,000. There are, therefore, thousands of public sector employees in receipt of higher pay than the Prime Minister, and tens of thousands on more than a backbench MP.

The Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne had the following response to this new report:

“I intend to issue new guidance sending a clear signal to public sector employers on pay and terms – setting out what I, and I suspect most taxpayers, see as unacceptable. What this shows is the scope that remains for savings at a time when budgets need to be trimmed. We’re determined to do all we can to rein in excess where we find it.”

Writing on the Conservative Home website this morning, the Chief Executive of the Taxpayers’ Alliance, Jonathan Isaby, described the founding aims of this organization as to

“bring higher levels of scrutiny to spending in the public sector”.

“Politicians must not be allowed to close the books. Power should be in the hands of those who pay, not those who spend.”

He rightly argued that by bringing this information into the public domain, hard-working taxpayers can

“demand better value where necessary or lead the applause when they see a job well done”.

Over 5,000 Freedom of Information requests were sent out to compile the information in this report, and Jonathan Isaby has today called on the Government to extend the scope of FOI legislation to include the ability to put requests to private companies or indeed charities which are undertaking government contracts or reliant on taxpayers’ money for considerable chunks of their turnover.


Stay tuned for more details of this report in the Daily Mail every day this week.


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