Tamkeen Shaikh: Why I Back Zac

London has a very diverse community, which has very high expectations. It is a community which needs to thrive and keep its originality intact. Boris Johnson has done a great job, and his legacy needs to be carried on. With such a large diverse community with various ethnic backgrounds, there are huge expectations from the Mayor of London. It’s a big responsibility.  


I have met Zac Goldsmith on the campaign trail. He is truly a gentleman with the calmness to listen, accept the challenges of politics, and make appropriate decisions. He is ready to make tireless efforts to uplift the capital and adapt to the huge changing demands of ordinary people. He connects so naturally with people of all ethnicities, as if we know each of them since birth.  

There are couple of policies which are my favourite. First is housing. Zac wants to tackle the problems with housing, and has a plan to achieve it while also keeping the green belt intact. We are already facing a great impact with climate change, if we destroy our green belts then we will end up in an even worse situation. 

The second important policy is transport. We need to expand and strengthen transportation lines throughout London. With the growing demand and immense pressure it is going to be tough to keep Londoners going, but Zac has a plan.  

There are countless reasons why Sadiq Can’t. He does not have any plans. He has gone wrong on housing, and he has gone wrong on transport. We need a Mayor who can fight for the priorities of Londoners, who can fight to deliver the best for the Londoners. Sadiq Can’t. Mr Khan must remember we are living in 2016 where elections are fought on credibility and abilities to deliver, not on the ethnicity card - it is time to wake up!

Tamkeen Shaikh has worked as a freelance journalist for more than 14 years, and is also a successful Programme Manager in the welfare to work sector. She is the Deputy Chairman (Political) for Barking constituency, and in addition to organising local social and political events, Tamkeen is also the School Governor for Ripple Primary School.