[VOTE] Should fat people lose their benefits?


Fat People could soon lose their benefits under new proposals. The PM has launched an inquiry into 'sickness benefit' and one of the proposals is to cut the benefits of fat people who refuse to loose weight. The same rules will apply to drug addicts.

David Cameron has said "Whether it is drug or alcohol problems, or preventable conditions in terms of obesity, support and treatment will be there for you ... we must look at what we do when people simply say no thanks and refuse that help but expect taxpayers to carry on funding their benefits.”

So what do you think. Vote HERE

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  • commented 2015-07-30 11:04:20 +0100
    Its a fascinating proposal in the context of the image of John Prescott who as a member of the Lords does indeed receive public funds and is possibly a bit overweight. Perhaps the concept could be trialled within Parliament itself. Lets insist that the MPs and Lords can only receive public funds if they have a BMI within certain parameters. That at least would deal with a preventative agenda. If that leads to a healthier Commons and better debates, then perhaps the Government can extend their idea. If on the other hand people like Prescott and Soames feel its not a good policy, then the Government can stick to sending sick people to work like they do at the moment without any sense of responsibility.
  • commented 2015-07-29 17:21:14 +0100
    Well said, Steve Allen! I totally agree with your comments, and I think this business of cutting benefits is getting seriously out of hand. People claiming JSA should be genuinely seeking work, and those on sickness benefits, temporarily or otherwise, should have genuine medical conditions. The government should concentrate on tackling those who are abusing the system, instead of dreaming up increasingly ridiculous ideas just for the sake of appearing to be doing something.
  • commented 2015-07-29 16:10:42 +0100
    Not all over weight people are on benefits. Not all over weight people scrounge off the state. I would also say that a lot of over weight people pay their taxes just as much and anybody else. So I would expect that some over weight people deserve the same care and opportunities as any other tax payer. This is not the way forward.