Petulant Spanish Blockade Gibraltar Again


The Spanish Government is once again causing strife with a blockade on the Gibraltarian Border.

People are forced to wait in huge queues while Spanish authorities allegedly 'test' new e-passport gates. The barmy Spanish Government decided to do this during rush hour rather than a slower period. Consequently crowds have to endure hours of waiting in the thirty seven degree heat of the Iberian sun. Questions have been raised over whether Spain has breached people's human rights!

The petulant Spanish Government blockaded Gibraltar previously in 2013. They pathetically tried to make the lives of all the people of Gibraltar a misery because they claim it is part of Spain. The Spanish authorities, with no respect for the self determination of the Gibraltarian people, stopped every car entering Spain under the pretense of a crackdown on 'cigarette smugglers'. Spain's childlike actions created a huge international incident.

One worker trying to cross the border said “Spain hates us. All I do is go to work in Gibraltar to spend the entirety of my salary on the Spanish economy. There must be bad feeling towards us in Madrid to order this on one of the hotter days of the year.”

Spanish media, in typical North Korean style, are oddly reporting that the new passport gates are working perfectly. The Spanish media tycoons must still be dozy after a long siesta. 

Andrew Rosindell MP, who is on the All Party Parliamentary Group for Gibraltar, has said “These new passport barriers are supposed to speed up the process of crossing the Spanish border. It seems bizarre that this is not the case. The timing of the Spanish authorities to test these gates is also very unusual.”

Leave the people of Gibraltar alone!

Elliott Johnson is the Political Editor of Conservative Way Forward.

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Story via Defenders of Gibraltar