On this Day: Margaret Roberts Addresses Dartford Young Conservatives

Lady Margaret Thatcher always knew that personal responsibility was key to a free society.


On this day, August 13th, in 1949, Miss Margaret Roberts, the prospective Conservative candidate for the Dartford division, addressed the local branch of the Young Conservatives.

The core of her argument was that personal responsibility was the keynote to the future of the country. Miss Roberts was concerned that this quality was less in evidence since the end of the Second World War. She described how there was a slogan in war-time, “it all depends on me”, and encouraged the Young Conservatives to “bring back the slogan, because unless each one of us does our bit to put the country on its feet no one else will."

Miss Roberts argued that the young had most to fear from Labour, and their eternal love of directions, restrictions, and regulation. She urged the members of Dartford Young Conservatives to go ahead and get rid of these restrictions, in order to help themselves and the country.

Miss Roberts made it clear that having a Conservative Government in power was a boon for young people, for then they could say with Keats: “Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive, but to be young was very heaven.”

This, of course, is true now more than ever.

Theodora Dickinson is a member of the Conservative Way Forward Organising Committee.

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