Oliver Cooper: The New Organising Committee Will Put CWF At The Heart Of The Conservative Party


Last night, in one of the historic Committee Rooms of Parliament, the CWF organising committee met for the first time. I am honoured, having been a member of Conservative Way Forward for several years, to be chair of this group. But I am even more proud of the rest of the committee who are made up of a range of people with different experiences.

We have Conservative Future leaders and parliamentary candidates. People who have knowledge having been involved in the Conservatives for many years and some who are recent newcomers with fresh ideas. And we’ll use that breadth of experiences and expertise to deliver ever-better programmes.

We’ll be delivering training to give activists the right skills to flourish and grow in confidence politically.

We’ll be putting forward policy papers to help the Party deliver on its manifesto promises and advance the cause of freedom.

We have great plans for Party Conference, building on CWF’s signature midnight reception by holding additional events that reach out to yet more people.

And above all else, we’ll be fighting hard to support our Conservative MPs and candidates – not least in the London mayoral election that is next year. There will be large campaign days such as the ones we’ve organised before in Finchley and Tower Hamlets in the last few weeks. So those with election withdrawal do not fear.

All this is geared towards putting CWF at the heart of the Conservative Party over the next five years. We want to make sure our members and activists can play a full part in campaigning for Conservative causes, supporting CWF’s values, and making sure their hard work is rewarded.

As Margaret Thatcher said, “I don’t know anyone who has got to the top without hard work. That is the recipe." Our job as an Organising Committee is to put in that hard work to make sure CWF keeps driving the cause of freedom forwards.

Oliver Cooper is the Chairman of the CWF Organising.

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