• "Don't just hope for a better life. Vote for one."

    - Margaret Thatcher

  • "We are for the ladder. Let all try their best to climb."

    - Winston Churchill

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Save Lives - Build 'Killer Robots'

Yesterday Stephen Hawking and other tech scientists wrote a letter saying 'a military AI is a bad idea'. Essentially the argument is build 'killer robots' and some time down the line everyone dies. But this is not the case, 'Killer robots' will save lives. Continue reading

Our One-Nation vision needs to include a plan for Northern Ireland

The Conservative party has set out its One-Nation vision. With gains in England and Wales and a foothold in Scotland, the Conservatives are the only major parliamentary party looking across the UK. However in Northern Ireland, the party came behind UKIP. It’s time to take NI seriously. Continue reading

Natalie Bennett slams 'dinosaur approach' for cheap energy

On a recent trip to Bournemouth Natalie Bennett blurted out with great left-wing arrogance that all those who oppose wind farms have a 'dinosaur approach' to energy. She specifically cited the PM in his fracking drive that will give people cheaper energy bills. What a terrible thing to want ... Continue reading

Tooting Tories pleased with Khan U-turn - Left-wingers furious

Now that Sadiq Khan MP has done a U-turn to condemn Anjem Choudary's Islamist rally at Tooting Broadway station the local Conservatives now say they're glad there is 'a united front' against hate preachers. Continue reading

Fast Forward! : Reprehensible Sewel Resigns

Reprehensible Sewel Resigns Sleazy Sewel has finally caved into public pressure and resigned from being a member of the House of Lords. Sewell said in a statement ‘I hope my decision will limit and help repair the damage I have done to an institution I hold dear. Finally, I want to apologise for the pain and embarrassment I have caused.’ The Sun is practically frothing at the mouth this morning … Continue reading

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