• "Don't just hope for a better life. Vote for one."

    - Margaret Thatcher

  • "We are for the ladder. Let all try their best to climb."

    - Winston Churchill

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David Cameron's 'swarm' is deliberately echoing Margaret Thatcher's 'swamped'

The Prime Minister has come under criticism from the Left for using the word 'swarm' to describe the large scale Calais migrant crisis. This whole issue is beginning to gain a life of it's own and for most ordinary people is the biggest current issue the country must solve. To do calm people down and be more sensible Cameron is deliberately echoing the words of Margaret Thatcher. Continue reading

Fast Forward! : Unison Backs Corbyn

Unison Backs Corbyn Comrade Corbyn keeps gathering momentum today as Unison backs him to be Labour leader. Of course this does not necessarily translate into the 15,000 Labour affiliated members of the trade union voting for Corbyn. But as the BBC’s Norman Smith says “the Corbyn bandwagon rolls on. What people thought was impossible, couldn't happen, wouldn't happen, may well happen." Continue reading

Ex-chair of Greenpeace sues Uber for Jezza Corbyn's cronies

  It's a very cozy world on the Left of British politics. So what do they do with all their money and connections? They attack free market Uber. Continue reading

[VOTE] Should fat people lose their benefits?

Fat People could soon lose their benefits under new proposals. The PM has launched an inquiry into 'sickness benefit' and one of the proposals is to cut the benefits of fat people who refuse to loose weight. The same rules will apply to drug addicts. Continue reading

Fast Forward! : PM Arranges Cobra Crackdown on Calais Crisis

PM Arranges Cobra Crackdown on Calais Crisis David Cameron today has said the crisis at Calais is ‘very concerning’. Yesterday another migrant died after being crushed on the track. The crisis is a combination of thousands migrants risking life and limb to get into the UK and riotous French strikers, who in the spirit of the 1789, are trying to make everyone’s lives a misery. Continue reading

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