• "Don't just hope for a better life. Vote for one."

    - Margaret Thatcher

  • "We are for the ladder. Let all try their best to climb."

    - Winston Churchill

  • "We will do everything we can to help anybody, whatever your background, to go as far as your talents will take you."

    - Theresa May

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Joe Porter: Let's get behind the man who can lead Britain

The British public are crying out for change and a leader who they can trust with the challenging, but exciting challenge of taking us out of the European Union, whilst also tackling the many other issues affecting everyday people up and down the country. Michael Gove is the leadership candidate with strong principles and conviction. He didn’t put careers or friendships first during the EU referendum; he stood up for what he believed to be right for the country and campaigned for Brexit. Continue reading

Thomas Ashton: Theresa May is the candidate best placed to secure Britain’s future

Never since the passage of the Great Reform Act have so few registered electors had it in their power to determine the leadership of Her Majesty’s government, yet such is the choice and duty which will soon befall members of the Conservative Party. Indeed, since modern party politics developed in the mid-19th century only two individuals have ever succeeded as Prime Minister from within the serving party of government who were not the serving Chancellor of the Exchequer or Foreign Secretary. The exceptions were Balfour, who was already First Lord of the Treasury, and Churchill in exceptional circumstances (and who had previously served as Chancellor). Continue reading

Emily Barley: Reasserting Conservative values - Dr Liam Fox for Leader

“Last week the British people made clear how much they value our freedom. Freedom that was forged in the heat of our history, snatched from the hands of tyrants and defended against dictators. It is, and remains, our most precious asset. We should never forget that we live in a special country. It is time to feel special again.” – Dr Liam Fox MP, 30th June 2016 Continue reading

Beth Prescott: Stephen Crabb - Our Man For Brexit and Beyond

They say a week is a long time in politics. At the moment, a single day is a very long time in politics. No one has ever seen anything quite like this past week. However one thing we do know is that on September 9th we will have a new Prime Minister and Conservative Party leader. We should be proud that there is a strong slate of talented candidates to choose from. However, for me, there is no and was never any question about which candidate I am backing. That candidate is Stephen Crabb.  Continue reading

Elizabeth Anderson: Gove is the man to deliver for Britain

Michael Gove has announced that he will run for the party leadership, and I suspect that many people will be delighted.  When the Sky News alert buzzed my phone on my commute in to work, I couldn't wait to share the news. Continue reading

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