Natalie Bennett slams 'dinosaur approach' for cheap energy


On a recent trip to Bournemouth Natalie Bennett blurted out with great left-wing arrogance that all those who oppose wind farms have a 'dinosaur approach' to energy. She specifically cited the PM in his fracking drive that will give people cheaper energy bills. What a terrible thing to want ...

Bennett said wind turbines are:

"important because we need to harness the power of the wind. We need renewable energy and we have to cut our carbon emissions - and offshore wind is an important stable, secure source of that energy. We have seen the government pursue the fantasy of fracking, which has not come through at all. Even people in the industry say it is not a significant source. Yet how often have you heard Osborne and Cameron talk about fracking versus talking about renewable energy?"

So, we can have cheap fracking or ruinously expensive windmills - which don't work half the time and push up your bills.Β Who's the dinosaur now, Natalie ...

To use the words of the Prime Minister 'cut the Green crap' and make bills for working people cheaper!

Elliott Johnson is the Political Editor of Conservative Way Forward.

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Hat tip to Aaron Newbury