Mrs Thatcher knew exactly how to deal with Jeremy Corbyn


The Labour party are currently struggling to deal with the insanity politics of Jeremy Corbyn. The weak leadership contenders are failing miserably. Perhaps they could learn from Mrs Thatcher

During a statement to the House of Commons about the NATO summit of 1988 comrade Corbyn asked a question:

Does the Prime Minister accept that anyone looking objectively at what she has done this week would conclude that she has gone completely mad? The world is racked by debt, hunger and poverty. The National Health Service is collapsing in her own country for lack of funding, and she goes to a NATO Council of Ministers with the deliberate intention of scuppering the possibility of a future disarmament treaty with the Soviet Union by agreeing to upgrade and spend a great deal of money on nuclear weapons. Does she not think it is time to stop increasing expenditure on nuclear weapons and to start spending money on the vital social needs of this country and the rest of the world? Is it not time seriously to promote disarmament, on which the Soviet Union is clearly keen, even if she and her friends in Europe are not?

If any of the current candidates in the Labour leadership contest were asked this question you could easily imagine them agreeing with Corbyn's appeasing stance. At the very best there would be some mild statement of difference of opinion. A complete surrender in other words to crackers Corbyn ...

Mrs Thatcher said this:

Sixteen NATO Heads of Government and Heads of State agreed this effective statement. Of course, I do not expect the hon. Gentleman to like it. He does not agree with NATO or nuclear deterrence. He does not, therefore, agree with deterrence. One gets disarmament agreements only by negotiating from strength, in detail and toughly. One can then be very certain that there is verification. Those agreements will stick. When one agreement is completed, we move to another knowing that defence is sure and that the treaties that have been signed will stick and be honoured meticulously. Therefore, the intermediate nuclear agreement was reached and the United States and the Soviet Union move on to the START agreement, which I believe will be made. The hon. Gentleman wants arms control agreements and they are happening under this Government and other NATO Governments because we have acted from strength.

A quite clear put down.

Elliott Johnson is the Political Editor of Conservative Way Forward.

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