Molly Samuel-Leport MBE: The Conservatives have done lots for youth, we must talk about it more


At the recent Conservative Way Forward and London CF mayoral Q&A BBQ, I asked what are each candidate’s intentions for youth. I am passionate about young people and run sport workshops to help them out. After the session, a 15 year old girl came up to me and said that she was pleased I asked this question as young people are often left out when discussing politics.

I thought about this for a moment. I think the Conservatives are doing a lot for youth in the country, but we must talk about it a lot more.

Since David Cameron became the Prime Minister youth unemployment has fallen to 14%. A good record to build on, now that we have a majority.

The Conservatives also have new initiatives. A new “Earn or Learn Taskforce”, made up of a group of eight MPs including the Skills Minister, will create 3m apprenticeships by 2020. The Welfare Bill will also set up training ‘boot camps’. Young people who need the skills for a decent job can undergo 70 hours of interview practice, learning job-search skills, and interview techniques.

The plans the Conservatives have for Youth are amazing. We must talk about them more.

Molly Samuel-Leport is the Vice Chairman of the CWF Orgainsing committee, a six time karate world champion, and was the candidate for Walthamstow at the General Election.

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