Letters to the Editor


How to attract votes?

Dear  Sir,

One only has to read the daily and weekend papers to learn that a great many (probably the majority) of voters are of the opinion that the House of Lords needs some urgent overhaul if not a complete change.

The latest focus of attention is Lord Sewell. How is it that such a person who has allegedly brought the House of Lords into disrepute gets away with it for even a day?

Then why are there so many Life Peers? I understand that there are more now than there has ever been. Surely with a bit of positive thinking the number of those sitting in the House of Lords could be reduced. Give them a time limit of, say, 5 years when they then have to stand down or, if they have been significant contributors they can have the opportunity for re-election.

I accept that there are  many global issues that have to be addressed but so do some of these 'domestic' issues which should be given a short action period. Give a selected group of people the objective  of a stage one overhaul and report back in say 3 months.

I should think David Cameron's brief case will be overflowing with proposals for the overhaul of the EU. But don't forget the House of Lords. An overhaul there is well over due. It could be a major vote winner.

R. Browne

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