Kishan Devani: Zac Goldsmith - Sadiq's worst nightmare!

Ever thought of what it would be like to have an electoral battle against a calm, humble, competent, politically astute, dedicated, independent minded, passionate individual? Possibly a nightmare...?!?! Well look no further - ask Labour's Sadiq Khan - who is up against London's next Mayor, Zac Goldsmith.


If we want a Mayor of London that stands up for all hard working people in London, who appreciates and values the diversity of London, who embodies the ethos and message of modern day compassionate conservatism - then look no further - the Conservative party have your man: Zac Goldsmith!

The very fact that Zac Goldsmith is running to be Mayor of London is a sign that we as Conservatives are looking to the future. Any assumption from the Labour Party that they could take London's mayoralty next year for granted has been completely shattered. The left-wing mob will have to sit up and take note: this election is far from won. 

In anyone's terms, Zac is a formidable personality. He is young, energetic, and most importantly: independent-minded. Londoners want all the qualities that Zac exemplifies and stands for. Zac's participation at various CWF events has shown the wider membership of the Conservative party that he engages with all parts of the Conservative family. Commitment to a proud, successful and diverse London is what Zac is about, and that is what he is showing us all, through his actions. Sadiq may talk a good game (in the eyes of a leftie!) - but it is only Zac that can deliver for London - a man of high integrity and sound political ideas.

Goldsmith's ability to reach out to the BAME communities has been second to none. Leading up to his selection as our candidate up until now, he has constantly engaged with London's BAME community. Whether it be at the ExCel centre engaging with the Afro-Caribbean community or joining in the Hindu Festival of Navaratri in the London Borough of Harrow, Zac is championing various communities as part of his genuine interest in the betterment of London's diverse communities. In the lead up to being selected as our Mayoral candidate, I had the pleasure of accompanying Zac to the opening of a Hindu Temple   In Denham - whose congregation travelled in from all over West London. His ability to mesmerise the crowd and connect with over 2,000 people in the audience was quite remarkable. By the end of the speech the congregation were on their feet clapping and giving nods of approval to Zac's comments. I tell you what, if I was a Mr S Khan, I would be very worried! The audience immediately connected with Zac as he embodies the very values that the diverse BAME communities in London hold dear to them - hard work, aspiration, education and wanting to get on in life. The Conservative party have a man in Zac that can build on the successes of a Boris Mayoralty - but not only that, we have an individual who can reach out to all sections of London, due to his humility and personal character. This humility, strong character and vision is why Zac is the ONLY candidate worthy of entering City Hall as the next Mayor of London.

Zac has already done what the Labour candidate aspires to do. He has won support well beyond his Party, and works across party divides on important issues. Zac has credibility with the Greens and has been able to attract thousands of former Liberal Democrat supporters to the Conservative fold. This is something which Sadiq could only dream of. Zac truly is the modern candidate for the modern London. Having witnessed first hand the impact of his engagement within various communities, I am under no doubt that he shall be a phenomenal force in progressing the lives of all Londoners, regardless of socio-economic background, religion, ethnicity or gender. It is not only important for all of us Conservatives to get behind Zac and "Back Zac and Crack London's problems" - as Boris so eloquently puts it, but it is absolutely essential that we understand that Zac is the ONLY man that can stop an out of touch 1970's left wing Labour Party from running our beautiful city of London! Maybe Sadiq should just save himself the nightmare...? #BackZac2016

Kishan Devani is a Conservative candidate for the Greater London Authority London-Wide List, and Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party in London. He is also Chairman of the Treasurers Committee at CWF.

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