Joe Porter: President Obama’s “back of the queue” remark is deeply insulting to our great country

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have both quite wrongly intervened in our EU referendum debate. The American Democrat clan seem to have this habit of intervening in our affairs – thinking they know best – when in fact, this is a British matter for ordinary British people to decide.


This intervention comes as no surprise to me and most of Vote Leave, as we knew that the Prime Minister and Government machinery would throw everything they had behind the Remain campaign. The Establishment are panicking, and that’s why foreign leaders are desperately being drafted in with red carpet treatment to fight what is fast becoming a losing battle.

President Obama’s “back of the queue” remark is deeply insulting to our great country. May I remind him that Britain is the most culturally powerful country in the world, with the fifth largest economy and fourth largest military power in the world. Also, in case anyone has forgotten, we are America's closest international ally. As Republican Presidential Candidate, Senator Ted Cruz pointed out:

“Rather than scolding our closest allies for even considering exercising their rights as a sovereign nation, the President of the United States should look for ways to make Brexit, if it happens, an opportunity to enhance and strengthen the special relationship between our two countries.”

If we vote to remain a member of the EU on the 23rd June, then the unelected bureaucrats will get many of their unseen plans out of the drawer and carry on with the business of building a federal superstate. Despite what the Remain side claim, reforming this complex political structure is impossible. We have been attempting to reform it for years and the answer is always the same: more Europe and less national sovereignty.

Let’s not forget that this supposed promoter of democracy has removed a democratically elected government twice in the last five years in Italy and Greece, and installed unelected Brussels-approved technocrats. European Parliamentary election turnouts are so low because people feel extremely dissatisfied with this out-of-date, unprogressive political union. The result we are now seeing is the rise of extremist groups and far-left and far-right political parties across the continent. And yet the EU is meant to bring about peace and harmony?

I also worry that if we vote to remain, the deal the PM has struck could easily be ripped up and thrown in the bin. There is absolutely nothing we can do to stop this from happening because it is not legally-binding. The deal is not worth the paper it’s written on. Further, it doesn’t include an attempt to control mass uncontrolled immigration, and does not restore true sovereignty to our elected national parliament.

Therefore, we shouldn’t take advice from a lame duck president doing an old friend a favour for purely political reasons. Barack Obama will not be President when post-referendum negotiations begin, so we should take his comments with a large pinch of salt.

I have seen one quote that sums this up perfectly:

“What is good for US politicians is not necessarily good for the British people. The US would not dream of opening its border with Mexico, so it is hypocritical for President Obama to insist that we do the same with Europe.”

The European Union is the only declining trade bloc in the world. Our EU membership constrains us by not allowing us to form our own free trade deals with emerging economies that would massively benefit British businesses. Britain's unemployment rate is 5.1 per cent, the EU's average is 8.9 per cent, and the eurozone is 10.3 per cent: this is evidence of a failing European economy.

The 23rd June will be the last chance in our lifetime to take back control of our democracy and own affairs – and most importantly of £350m a week. As Boris Johnson rightly says:

“We can be stronger, richer, more influential if we vote leave.”

Joe Porter is a Parish Councillor in Staffordshire Moorlands, Chairman of Staffordshire Moorlands Conservative Future, President of Keele Students for Britain and the Vote Leave Constituency Campaign Coordinator for Staffordshire Moorlands & Newcastle-Under-Lyme. He studies Marketing and Politics at Keele University, where he is completing a module on ‘The Politics of the European Union’, and is a Trustee of Keele Student Union.

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  • Timothy Gerber-Mellish
    commented 2016-04-28 01:20:27 +0100
    Excellent, well considered but succinct article.

    Most institutions or companies can only be changed if you are on the inside. The EU is the only place where you cannot change it whether you are on the inside OR the outside and therefore we have only one other option….to change ourselves!!