Joe Porter: Let's get behind the man who can lead Britain

The British public are crying out for change and a leader who they can trust with the challenging, but exciting challenge of taking us out of the European Union, whilst also tackling the many other issues affecting everyday people up and down the country. Michael Gove is the leadership candidate with strong principles and conviction. He didn’t put careers or friendships first during the EU referendum; he stood up for what he believed to be right for the country and campaigned for Brexit.


This is crucial because without having a Prime Minister who campaigned for a free, sovereign, independent Britain, we won’t be taken seriously when negotiating for the best Brexit deal. Michael’s tough Eurosceptic stance throughout his political career make him the most credible person for this task.

We also need someone who has Cabinet-level experience and solid leadership skills so that they can walk straight into Number 10 with a good idea of what to expect and how demanding the job is. Our country needs a radical reformer who is just simply willing to do what is right.

As Education Secretary, Michael Gove was determined to create true equality of opportunity by making schools work for consumers rather than producers. He took on the education establishment and created of hundreds of free schools and thousands of academies. We are now in an incredible situation where, for the first time, the best state schools are better than the best private schools.

As Justice Secretary, he has embarked on a mission to transform our prison system. He has battled through the conventional wisdom that we are supposedly “going soft” on crime to make long-overdue reform a reality. Prison Governors are being given unprecedented power to run prisons in the way they think best; prison education is being transformed; prisoners are being given a sense of purpose; and old, rotting buildings are being replaced with new institutions designed to support individual rehabilitation. Michael’s aim here to improve life chances, give people a second chance, and to improve public safety by reducing reoffending, which has economic, as well as many social benefits to society.

As we celebrate American Independence Day with our cousins across the Atlantic, we need to believe in our ability to flourish as an independent country and embrace the tremendous opportunities in the wider world out there. The decision to choose our own destiny came from right across the political spectrum and we need a Prime Minister who recognises that this momentous turning point in our history goes well beyond party politics.

Michael Gove may have said on many occasions that he didn’t want to be Prime Minister. But he is standing because he sees it as the right thing to do for our country. He often points out that he is “not a naturally charismatic or glamorous person”. This reflects his humility and modesty, both of which are good leadership qualities. The British people are fed up with the showy political elite putting smooth operation and celebrity-like status before getting on the important job of decision-making and running the country.

He has the vision for reform and the sense of a clear strategy to redesign our political system and revive the British spirit of enterprise and community. Rebuilding this identity is crucial for when we seek to negotiate a new relationship with Europe based on free trade and friendly cooperation. We can also then embark on establishing new relationships with emerging democracies around the world who we have neglected too often in the past, such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand and India, as well as emerging countries in Asia, Africa and South America. In addition, Michael is undoubtedly the best candidate to ensure that we are a global leader in education, science and technology.

As a leadership candidate, he has been absolutely clear that free movement must end and that this is non-negotiable as the British public instructed our elected politicians to end it when we voted to leave the EU. Michael Gove said over the weekend: “I will end free movement, restore democratic control of immigration policy and introduce an Australian-style points system by 2020. I will reduce numbers and Parliament will decide exactly what level of immigration there should be.”

Michael Gove is this country’s most principled and visionary politician. As Daniel Hannan MEP has rightly argued, our “current circumstances call for something exceptional: for a leader who is prepared to reorient the British state machine to a more agile, more global, more responsive way of thinking.” There can be little doubt who can fulfil this criteria.

Let's get behind the man who can lead Britain forward and has the experience to get us the best Brexit deal for future generations.


*These are the views of Joe Porter and do not represent the corporate view of CWF.

Joe Porter is a Parish Councillor in Staffordshire Moorlands and Deputy Chairman (Political) for West Midlands Conservative Future. He was the President of Keele Students for Britain and the Vote Leave Constituency Campaign Coordinator for Staffordshire Moorlands. Joe studies Marketing and Politics at Keele University, where he has a particular passion for local British politics and is a Trustee of Keele Student Union.

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