Joe Porter: A week is a long time in politics

People often say that a week is a long time in politics, and the last few weeks have been no exception to that rule. Nearly a month ago our country made the historic and right decision to leave the European Union. As the Vote Leave Campaign Coordinator for Staffordshire Moorlands, I was delighted that 65% of our local electorate voted Leave. This wouldn’t have been possible without our outstanding Moorlands Vote Leave team and everyone else from the national campaign across the country.


We now have Theresa May as our new Conservative Prime Minister. She leads the fifth largest economy in the world. And to top all that, we have a brighter future ahead of us if we play our cards right and deliver the best Brexit deal for future generations. 

Mrs May has definitely taken on the leadership of our country at one of the most difficult times, and her government has an incredible task ahead of them. The Cabinet appointments she made last week were excellent. With longstanding Eurosceptics Boris Johnson, Dr Liam Fox and David Davis leading the Brexit negotiations, we are extremely well placed to form new free trade deals across the globe and become an even more successful nation in the long-term. 

We already have the offer of free trade deals from Australia and many other major economies. The Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, has said that it is a priority for their country as we are their seventh largest trading partner. Dr Liam Fox is travelling to the United States this week to make progress on forging one with our closest ally to strengthen the Special Relationship. 

Theresa May has been very wise to promote a broad range of talented people to her Cabinet. Priti Patel deserved to become a Cabinet minister, and I am delighted to see her become the Secretary of State for International Development. She will ensue that our UK aid is given to the countries and people who truly need it, and is more than capable of putting a stop the vast sums of wasteful spending from that government department.  

Similarly, my own local MP Karen Bradley is to be congratulated on becoming the new Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport. I wish her well with her new role. I also hope that she will end the wasteful spending we also see from this Whitehall department, spend our taxpayers’ money more wisely, and make some long-overdue reforms to the BBC. 

Our new Prime Minister is wasting no time with her new office. MPs have voted through the renewal of our Nuclear Trident by 472 to 117. As Mrs May pointed out, the threat of a nuclear attack has increased and Trident is our country’s ultimate safeguard for national security. The £31 billion, spread over 35 years, to replace Britain’s four Vanguard nuclear submarines is worth the investment for the sake of future generations. Maintaining Trident is not about fighting wars, but by their very existence acting to prevent them. After all, the first duty of the government is to protect our citizens. To think that if we scrapped our missiles, everybody would follow suit is utter nonsense as we can see with the likes of North Korea and Russia. 

Overall, whilst I originally had doubts about Theresa May becoming our national leader, I have been very reassured by her Cabinet choices, her strong work ethic, and her desire to keep our United Kingdom together, whilst also promising that Brexit means Brexit. I am proud to now support her One Nation mission for our Conservative Party to create a country that works for everyone, not just the privileged few.  

We must all now get behind our new leader and the party – whichever side of the EU debate you stood – to make this mission a reality. Our best days lie ahead of us, but I will be watching Mrs May like a hawk to ensure that Britain continues to be a champion of freedom, liberty, and democracy. 

Joe Porter is a Parish Councillor in Staffordshire Moorlands and is Deputy Chairman Political for West Midlands Conservative Future. He was the President of Keele Students for Britain and the Vote Leave Constituency Campaign Coordinator for Staffordshire Moorlands. Joe studies Marketing and Politics at Keele University, where he has a particular passion for local British politics and is a Trustee of Keele Student Union. 

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