James Cleverly MP: Why I'll be campaigning to leave the EU

Britain is booming. British people and British businesses should be proud of what they have achieved in recent years, particularly in comparison to the slow and ponderous Eurozone.


While the UK has confronted and overcome the difficulties of the last decade the EU has shown that is too inflexible to successfully handle the challenges or make the most of the opportunities of the 21st century. The last few years have convinced me that Britain would be better able to trade with emerging markets, flourish and prosper outside the EU.

I have not dismissed the renegotiation out of hand. I have supported the Prime Minister’s efforts to secure a new deal from the EU, but it has become clear that despite the Greek crisis, the refugee crisis, border control chaos, and economic stagnation the EU still doesn't see the need for fundamental reform.

The case for a new relationship with European and global economies is overwhelming. The EU too often hinders Britain’s ability to trade across the globe and pursues discriminatory policies that hold back developing nations.

We need new relationships and the only way that will be possible is to Vote Leave.


James Cleverly is the Member of Parliament for Braintree and a GLA Conservative Assembly Member. He is also the Deputy Chairman of the CWF Parliamentary Board.

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  • commented 2016-01-07 23:12:09 +0000
    Your argument is for the EU to not exist. If we leave the rest of the EU will want to stop a contagion of leaving and impose on us large import tariffs unless and until we comply with every rule they implement – just like Norway.

    Better to be on the inside influencing the decisions than on the outside pleading for concessions.
  • commented 2016-01-06 15:04:11 +0000
    The 4 Reforms Cameron is after if remaining in the EU:
    1.Economic Governance – any changes should respect the integrity of the Single Market and recognise the different currencies that make up the EU. Change to the Eurozone must be voluntary for non-Euro countries, Cameron says and non-Euro countries should never be “financially liable” to support the Eurozone
    2.Competitiveness – calls for a target on reducing the regulation imposed on business
    3.Sovereignty – an end to the obligation on Britain to purse an ‘ever closer union’, enhance the power of national parliaments to club together to block unwanted legislation, commitments to subsidiarity fully implemented and respect for member states to decide on their own national security policy
    4.Immigration – a crackdown on the abuse of free movement, longer bans on re-entry for fraudsters, additional deportation powers and addressing ECJ judgements on free movement.
    1. After 2020, ALL members will have to adopt the Euro.
    2.The original EU rule book was only 614 pages but it now contains over 168,349. The mountain of new legislation means would take the world’s fastest reader 358 days to read the book without taking a break.
    3. The European Union’s most powerful leaders have snubbed David Cameron’s call for an end to ‘ever closer union’.
    In a blow to the Prime Minister’s renegotiation of Britain’s membership, a meeting of leading EU figures including German chancellor Angela Merkel stressed the importance of the EU founding principle. That’s FOUNDING principle here, folks…
    4.The EU now wants an ‘EU army’ to control European countries’ borders – with or without their agreement.

    ….I would also like to add that the EU is already working on making it illegal for EU members to have any sort of referendum about them in the future. The EU founders are actually PROUD of the fact that the EU is not democratic. This is intentional.

    I know it sounds ‘dramatic’ to say that the EU is in fact a super state that is pushing a totalitarian agenda but that is the reality; a reality so profound that people need to wake up and see it. The EU is pushing forward a motion to prevent any further referendums. They are not accountable in a court of law. Anywhere. They are to be beyond any form of criticism. For someone of my generation who was brought up on George Orwell’s 1984, this is what I was taught to fear.

    I don’t care if we lose or make money by leaving the EU; I have faith that if any country in Europe can effect a departure it’s the UK. Look at our economic history! The EU should be trying to convince us to stay in, rather than threaten us if we come out. Their ideology is all wrong and we have been shown that if we continue to prosper, we will be punished for it.