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Exciting times lie ahead for CWF. From Bournemouth to Romford, we’ve committed ourselves to action and training days across the country and have had hundreds of activists sign up already.

Just this weekend, CWF hosted the first Mayoral Hustings in Finchley, along with a campaign afternoon for my friend and colleague, Mike Freer MP Attendance was strong and activists from across the country appeared 100% focused on preparing for the electoral challenges ahead.

Alongside Finchley, we’ve had an action day in Tower Hamlets and a fantastic launch party in Westminster, both of which were well attended. To mark our commitment to the grassroots, we’ve successfully held open elections for our Organising Committee and I’m extremely pleased with the vibrant and passionate set of individuals who have been elected to help CWF go from strength to strength.

On a daily basis, our blog will focus on getting the views and opinions from party members and MPs alike, right to the heart of the online debate. We shall also be committed to posting daily email updates and welcome your input.

We are in the early days of a new Conservative government, a situation we have not been in for over thirty years. We have a huge opportunity to set the future direction of our country, influence the global picture and define our party in the minds of a new generation of voters.

These voters gave us the benefit of the doubt at the last election but are not yet convinced that Conservatives will government with their hearts as well as their heads, on behalf of the the poorest as well as the better off. Those voters want their decision validated, they want us to prove that they did the right thing when they voted for us.

Conservative Way Forward promotes the principles that its founding president, Lady Thatcher, outlined. Margaret Thatcher divides opinion just as much now as she did during her time as Prime Minister but the principles she proposed are as relevant now as then.

DEMOCRACY, both in the UK and overseas as the best weapon against oppression and dictatorship abroad.

CAPITALISM, DEREGULATION and ENTERPRISE as the most effective ways of lifting people out of poverty.

FREEDOM and CHOICE extended to all people, not limited to those with the wealth or power to opt out of the circumstances that others have to endure.

COMMUNITY, recognising the invisible networks that bind society together, independent of and more powerful than the state.

NATIONHOOD and SECURITY, a belief that each nation must be free to determine its policies and a recognition that the first responsibility of government is to protect its citizens from threats both internal and external.

I believe there is an opportunity for our party to govern on these principles and prove itself to be a modern, forward looking institution that is worthy of the trust placed in it and ready to govern for many years to come.

James Cleverly is the Member of Parliament for Braintree and is the Deputy Chairman of the CWF Parliamentary Board.

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  • commented 2015-07-08 22:10:37 +0100
    The government clearly has a mandate to get the deficit down and finish the job that the coalition started. Now, Mr Cameron and his Cabinet won’t be hampered by Liberals. Free enterprise and making work pay must be key priorities which as far as I can see, they are.