In Conversation with London Assembly Candidate Cllr David Dean

Councillor David Dean, the Conservative candidate for Merton and Wandsworth for the 2016 London Assembly elections, answers Conservative Way Forward's questions.


1. Why are you a Conservative? 

Like all good people, I love freedom; to have my own voice, to do what I want, to chase my dreams. Every decent person likes the choice to follow their own path, and that’s what the Conservative Party allows. It puts people and the market before Government, leaving the State to only get involved when things don’t work, or when they are too big to organise individually. I also recognise with freedom comes responsibility, for without the latter we might lose the former.

And the reason I am a Conservative Councillor and involved in politics is down to the old saying, attributed to Edmund Burke (perhaps wrongly!):

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."

I see what damage Labour politicians do both locally and nationally. The community has to come together to stop them and people must lead.

2. What is your top priority for London?

I have three big priorities for London: 

    1. World class public transport
    2. Quality, quantity, affordability in housing
    3. Being tough on crime and hot on rehabilitation. 
3. What is Boris Johnson's best policy?

Boris has too many good policies to mention, but every policy was driven by his positive demeanour and clear vision of what makes a city great. He will be most remembered for what he did in transport. Boris bikes, and the new bus for London, plus faster, more frequent Tubes on the Victoria Line. I should also add that the 2012 Olympics was recognised as the best ever, and that is a testament to the best Mayor we’ve ever had.

4. Why should Zac Goldsmith be elected Mayor of London next May?
Zac is an honest, decent man and shares Boris’s vision to keep London ahead of all other cities in the world. He recognises that every Londoner must enjoy living here, not just a few. He sees that public transport and decent housing must be available to everyone, and that culture is central to improve every Londoner’s life. Zac is not a hollow sound bite man. Every policy is backed up by analysis and strategy. He will deliver and he will do the right things for London, just like Boris.
5. Why is it so important to keep London blue?
You only have to think about the bigoted Ken Livingstone and the divisive Lee Jasper, along with the superficial Sadiq Khan, to see how the mood in London will change immediately if Labour win. It’s worth re-reading George Orwell’s 1984 to understand how bad life would be under the hard left: minimal freedom, less culture, propaganda on a grand scale and poorer public services. I will strive along with all the good people of London to keep London blue and maintain its position as the greatest city on Earth.