I agree with Chris Leslie ... for once


For once Chris Leslie and I are in complete agreement. Leslie has slammed what he calls 'Corbynomics', a 'starry-eyed, hard left' philosophy which will make the poor poorer. I completely agree with what Leslie says. But we don't need to give what comrade Corbyn spouts a new name, it is called socialism!

Leslie gave a specific warning on 'Corbynomics'/socialism saying "Printing money and ending Bank of England independence would push up inflation, lending rates, squeeze out money for schools and hospitals and mean spending more on debt servicing. Higher inflation and a higher cost of living would hit those on the lowest incomes, the poorest people who couldn’t afford those goods and services. The very people we should be standing up for would pay the price – the poor and vulnerable."

You can see the effect of 'Corbynomics'/socialism in Venezuela. Because of price controls, monetary controls, and eye watering inflation of five-hundred and ten per cent the country has almost run out of basic goods. Indeed this weekend a spate of deadly looting for food has taken place. The poor suffer the most under socialism ...

You'd expect then for Jezza Corbyn to argue that 'Corbynomics'/socialism will not harm the poor, as it has done in Venezula. But oh no! Corbyn's own campaign website says the "success for radical policies in Venezuela is being achieved by providing for the poorest, liberating resources, but above all by popular education and involvement." You cannot make it up ...

Chris Leslie needs to come clean and call 'Corbynomics' by it's real name. Let's be honest and say that left-wing socialism makes the poor people's lives a misery.

Elliott Johnson is the Political Editor of Conservative Way Forward.

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