Fast Forward! Zac Goldsmith MP answers our questions

TODAY AT CWF: Mayoral Candidate Zac Goldsmith MP answers our questions.

Find out Zac’s views on driverless trains, affordable housing and why Sir Christopher Wren was his London hero…



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3)     Philip Johnston: Politicians must realise the story of English nationalism is not over – The Telegraph

4)     Dan Hodges: Labour has ceased to be a real political party – The Telegraph

5)     Sebastian Payne: Nigel Farage shows why he shouldn’t lead the ‘No’ campaign – The Spectator



On this day, 1st September 1986, the Soviets launched the biggest ever space station Mir.  It came a few weeks after the American ‘Challenger’ disaster where seven astronauts were killed. Mir – which means both ‘peace’ and ‘world’ in Russian was intended to demonstrate to the world that the Russians were leading the field in space exploration.


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