Fast Forward! University Bonanza: freedom works!


50 years after the case was first made for university expansion – it is now finally happening. As Jo Johnson MP wrote yesterday in The Evening Standard, a freer market in education is good for students. 

Conservative Ministers have lifted the artificial controls on student numbers, and what is the result? Here are three key facts you need to know:

  1. Record numbers of students accepted to their first choice. 
  2. Record numbers from disadvantaged backgrounds, winning a place. 
  3. And record numbers choosing to study science subjects.

Freedom works! Who knew?


Dr. Spencer Pitfield: Now is the time to be radical and challenge stereotypes – The on-going Labour leadership saga, with all its many tribulations, could quite easily lull Conservatives into a false sense of security.


The government is continuing its battle against red tape with the launch of a ‘review to improve the effectiveness of rules designed to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing’.  Read more here.


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On this day, August 28th 1917, US President Woodrow Wilson was picketed by woman suffragists at the White House demanding the right to vote.  Upon leaving the White House gates with his wife and having tipped his hat and the protestors as usual. Members of the unruly crowd were later jailed and some of the suffragists arrested went on hunger strike and were force- fed by their captors.  Wilson, concerned about negative publicity for his administration’ finally supported the suffrage amendment leading to women being given the right to vote in 1920.


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