Fast Forward! : Unison Backs Corbyn

Unison Backs Corbyn

Comrade Corbyn keeps gathering momentum today as Unison backs him to be Labour leader. Of course this does not necessarily translate into the 15,000 Labour affiliated members of the trade union voting for Corbyn. But as the BBC’s Norman Smith says “the Corbyn bandwagon rolls on. What people thought was impossible, couldn't happen, wouldn't happen, may well happen."


UNISON General Secretary Dave Prentis said: "Jeremy Corbyn's message has resonated with public sector workers who have suffered years of pay freezes, redundancies with too many having to work more for less. They have been penalised for too long by a Government that keeps on taking more and more from them.” The Trade Unions holding Labour to ransom again …

This will be seen as a blow to both Andy Burnham and Yvette Cooper. Both wanted the backing of Unison and both failed to get it. Their misery can only be extended by the odds of Corbyn becoming leader being slashed again by the bookies. #JezWeCan

The Guardian has a very good piece on why people are actually voting for Jezza Corbyn. It highlights that young people are particularly attracted to the ‘old views’ of Marxism and socialism because they have never experienced them. They don’t know the misery …



Ex-chair of Greenpeace sues Uber for Jezza Corbyn's cronies It's a very cozy world on the Left of British politics. So what do they do with all their money and connections? They attack free market Uber.



Celebrate – Today marks the day that England beat Germany in the World Cup final in 1966. Take some time off today to celebrate. Watch this to remind you of the national achievement.



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On this day, 30th July, in 1866 the Democratic Government of Louisiana launches a raid against a meeting of the Republican Party in New Orleans. They kill 40 people and injure 150 more. Statism crushing freedom …