Fast Forward : Strike!!!


Today marks the second full scale Tube strike of this year. As a result the capital is grinding to a halt. A full update of what exactly throughout the day is going on is provided by the Telegraph.


The official reason for the strike is a lack of agreement between TFL and Tube driver unions over ‘a work life balance’ because of the introduction of the Night Tube. However, the real reason is that London Underground drivers are against moving the city forward with twenty hour service. For those who get paid over £50,000 in taxpayer’s money you’d think they’d be grateful to the public …

Boris Johnson yesterday said that “I very much wish that this package that we are offering, which is very generous indeed, could be put immediately to the Union membership ... We need to have a proper chance for the workforce and staff to have a look at it. It is quite wrong this strike should be going ahead." Hear hear …

Two brilliant opinion pieces on the strike are in City A.M. and the Independent, both well worth a read. But by far the best response to the strike has been by Andrew Boff, Conservative GLA leader and London Mayoral Hopeful, who hilariously took to Vine to declare his love for the DLR. I hope you’re reading this Boff as the video is fantastic …



Lewis Barber: A step back for Israel – Israel, just like the Conservative Party has for many years, is having a brand problem and its own minor identity crisis.



Watch – Dan Hannan MEP appeared on Channel 4 News to talk about the Migrant Crisis. As always, brilliant stuff from the British boffin in Brussels …



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On this day, 6th August, 1960 Cuba nationalised all foreign owned property in the country. Of course this affected and angered the Americans the most. And so began the Cuban slide into socialist destitution …