Fast Forward!: Starting gun fires on the Labour Leadership election

Starting gun fires on the Labour Leadership election

Today the first ballots go out in the Labour leadership contest. Thousands of Labour members, union activists, Tory stooges, and Trots have their pens at the ready to vote for Jeremy Corbyn.


The Telegraph has revealed that Lord Mandelson had urged a mass resignation of leadership candidates. He first asked all the candidates except Corbyn to step aside. After this failed, he had Liz Kendal try to persuade Yvette Cooper to pull out so Andy Burnham was more likely to win.

Then there was Gordon Brown’s speech, notable for only two things. Firstly the confirmation that in the words of Brian Blessed ‘Gordon’s Alive’. Second that he moved from side to side as if on the high seas. Oh yes, and he had something to say about not voting for Corbyn too.

After this disastrous weekend, matters are worsening because of Andy Burnham. The only other candidate with a chance of beating Corbyn has promised him a role ‘in rebuilding the party.’ A terrifying prospect.  



CWF and London CF Mayoral BBQ a huge success – CWF and London CF's joint mayoral BBQ was a rip roaring success at the weekend. After some important campaigning, Andrew Boff and Zac Goldsmith both did a Q and A session about why they should be the Conservative candidate to be mayor. A slap up BBQ followed in the summer sun.



Research – Sun Tzu, the great ancient Chinese military instructor, always emphasised the importance of knowing your enemy. Thus make sure you read this brief article on Sky News about the new Scottish Labour leader. Kezia Dugdale is hardly a household name, let alone a name in political circles, but make sure you read up on her.



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On this day, 17th August, in 1585 the first expedition sent out by Sir Walter Raleigh reached the New World. A colony on Roanoke Island was created by the group’s leader Ralph Lane. Men like this put the 'great' in Great Britain.