Fast Forward! Ruth Davidson's rallying cry: we need change in Scotland


Last night, Ruth Davidson, the leader of the Scottish Conservative Party, spoke to supporters of the Adam Smith Institute about Lessons from Adam Smith, and the need for a Scottish alternative to the SNP.Ruth Davidson is leading the free market charge in Scotland. She is a strong advocate of the free market, arguing that it is virtuous. According to Ruth, Adam Smith speaks to something quite essential in our humanity: people are not pieces on a chessboard. We are individuals.

Ruth rightly argued that Scotland cannot afford to wait around, parked in constitutional gridlock. And Scotland cannot afford five more years of SNP rule. The nationalist government is characterised by a desire to control, and seeks to impose a centralised, statist system. From the health service, to education, to the police, reform is shunned and a top-down system is imposed to give the government full political control.

In Scottish schools, numeracy and literacy levels are falling, and inequality between the richest and poorest children is rising. In response to this, the SNP has legislated to close the attainment gap. They may as well pass a law to ban bad weather in Glasgow.

Ruth is welcoming the new powers being transferred to Holyrood, arguing that the SNP will never truly be responsible or accountable unless they can look taxpayers in the eye. The Scots are not yearning to pay more tax. Only 40% in Scotland want government spending to increase, and a clear majority was in favour of the welfare cap. Even Alex Salmond admitted that Scotland didn't mind the economics of Lady Thatcher.

The Labour Party in Scotland may be well-intentioned, but it is fundamentally naïve. Only the Conservatives have the real answers for Scotland. Only the Conservatives can be the real opposition to the SNP.


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On this day, August 26th, in 1920, the 19th amendment to the United States Constitution took effect, giving women the right to vote. The Nineteenth Amendment was first introduced in Congress in 1878 by Senator Aaron A. Sargent, but was only approved forty-one years later, in 1919, and was ratified by the states the year after. 


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