Fast Forward! : Osborne Launches Countryside Campaign

Osborne Launches Countryside Campaign

George Osborne has launched a countryside blitzkrieg in order to improve the lives of those who live in rural areas. Britain is currently seeing a growth in urban to rural migration with the countryside accounting for 21% of GDP. It is good to see the Chancellor concentrating on improving green and pleasant land.


The Chancellor with Liz Truss have written an open letter in the Telegraph. In it they outline a smorgasbord of plans including: £100 Billion investment in infrastructure, upgrades to 4G broadband, extended the starter homes scheme to villages, and cutting red tape for farmers.

Typically, the countryside is Conservative. But areas in the North, Wales, the South West, and the Scottish borders contain rural communities that the Conservatives want to win over. Paul Goodman at Conservative Home also argues that housing proposals set out today will go some way to winning over Generation Y.



Cllr James Poland: A flood in the fox county - The surge of Conservatism in Leicestershire –Thursday 7th May 2015 was a rainy day in Loughborough.  Barely ceasing, the rain poured down onto an uncertain political scene – Education Secretary Nicky Morgan was defending a fragile majority of 3,744.  Local Conservatives, defending their (historically high) majority on Charnwood Borough Council, were bracing themselves for losses.  Labour bussed in supporters from all over Leicestershire hoping- expecting- to make serious gains in this most central of middle England seats.



Quiz – As it is GCSE results day it is only fair that you take a quiz. The Telegraph has quite handily provided one ‘Who said it: Cameron or Corbyn?’.



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On this day, 20th August, in 1968 the USSR sent in the troops to brutally crush the Prague Spring. Over 100 people were killed and the Soviet regime enforced their policies upon Czechoslovakia. If anyone wants an example of what is wrong with Communism, look no further.