Fast Forward! Lancashire could be a lodestar for Conservatism

TODAY AT CWF: Adam Towers explains how Lancashire could be a lodestar for Conservatism.

Lancaster's CF Chairman explains his ideas for attracting Tory voters across the county. Read more here...




1)     William Hague: Corbyn's rise is a symptom of the Left's slow drift into irrelevance - The Telegraph

2)     Fabian Picardo: Gibraltar is British and it's going to stay British forever - The Independent

3)     Sebastian Payne: Andy and Yvette - a tale of two 'Anyone but Corbyn' strategies - The Spectator

4)     Andrew Gimson: If Britain is to be more generous to refugees, that has to be a British decision - Conservative Home

5)     Paul Goodman: Our latest poll finds fewer Conservatives-for-Corbyn -Conservative Home



On this day 2nd September 1945, the Japanese signed the act of unconditional surrender, bringing an end finally to six years at war. 50 Japanese officials and Allied generals boarded the American battleship Missouri, in Tokyo bay, for the signing.  Supreme Commander of the Allied powers, US General Douglas MacArthur spoke briefly to say he hoped the agreement would be adhered to 'fully, promptly and faithfully'.  The Japanese agreed to release all their prisoners of war and end hostilities for good.


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