Fast Forward! : Labour’s Welfare Woes


Labour’s Welfare Woes

The Labour Party was left last night with a great division over welfare. 48 Labour MPs defied their acting leader Harriet Harman and voted against the Government’s Welfare Reform and Work Bill which included a benefits cap. The full list of Labour rebels can be found on Guido Fawkes.

Harman had originally wanted Labour to back Government cuts to welfare and wake up to the real world of politics in 2015. But Labour MPs forced her to order an abstention instead. Despite this climb-down one fifth of the Parliamentary Party still ignored Harman because they are so ideologically opposed to austerity. The Spectator argues that Labour is now a fully divided party in two ways, with one section opposed to austerity and one trying to be pragmatic after an election defeat. But in reality this is a three way split there are a significant portion of Labour MPs who want reform and only reluctantly abstained as Harman had asked them to. Harperson has an impossible task of uniting her party …

One could argue that the election has forced Labour into this mess. But Mark Wallace on Conservative Home rightly points out that it is actually the Government who are forging ahead with a new seismic shift in British politics that is leaving the Labour lost and confused. Let’s see how far this shift goes …



Theo Clarke: how the Government can help end cultural destruction - In May Islamic State captured Palmyra, the Roman ruins designated a UNESCO world heritage site, prompting international concern about the fate of the city’s antiquities. Earlier this month it was confirmed that jihadis had destroyed a 2,000 year old statue outside the Palymyra museum.



11:30am – Treasury Oral Questions – Look out to see what MPs think about the Chancellor’s plan to sell off state assets …



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On this day, 21st July, in 285 the Roman emperor Diocletian made Maximian his co-Caesar in Milan. This started the Diarchy which later evolved into the Tetrarchy, with Galerius and Constantius Cholorus. This unusual form of multiple rulers was supposed to end the Crisis on the Third Century and it did so for twenty years. The Crisis began again when Diocletian abdicated and all the remaining ‘Caesars’ and their heirs started fighting to be sole emperor … too many big egos!