Fast Forward! : Labour Leadership Turmoil

Labour Leadership Turmoil

You know it is bad for Labour when for three days in a row the chaos inside the party is the national media’s main news story. The ridiculousness of the situation shows through with all the little stories of yesterday evening and this morning. A full rundown of the crisis can be found on the Telegraph.


Tony Blair intervened to say that those party members who say their hearts are with the left-wing leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn should “get a transplant.” John Prescott has now come out and said that the former PM should ‘calm down’ and ‘stop the abuse’. Blair has just poisoned this whole leadership contest …

Liz Kendall is now under pressure to quit the race in order to stop Corbyn from winning. She resolutely said no and has been backed by Yvette Cooper. Kendall sent out texts to Labour members this morning to confirm she'd fight on …

Nigel Farage also decided to call the LBC hustings last night and ask the candidates their view on the EU. This led to Jeremy Corbyn slamming UKIP as the party of “despair and cynicism. Nothing Nigel Farage has ever said or [done] will build a school, build a hospital, get a new teacher or anything else." Corbyn clearly won the LBC debate …

Finally on CapX Chris Deerin asks ‘Is the Labour Party finished?’ We’ll let you decide …



Rory Broomfield: Let us seize the opportunity and take back the EU tax - Over the past few years the UK has experienced a growing economy and reductions in unemployment but, still, the Government saddles Brits with an annual deficit of over £90 billion and an official government debt of over £1.5 trillion. 



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On this day, 23rd July, in 1952 the Treaty of Paris came into force and the European Coal and Steel Community was officially created. This later evolved into the EEC and then EU. This is the day the trouble started ...