Fast Forward! Hammond is right, we need allies in the fight against ISIL

Yesterday, Philip Hammond visited Tehran to reopen the British embassy. Hammond was the first Foreign Secretary to visit Iran since Jack Straw in 2003, and only the third British minister to visit since 1979.


It is imperative to engage with Iran and seek to influence its domestic and foreign policy. This is true more than ever with the growing threat of ISIL, as well as other shared challenges, such as, regional stability, trade in illegal narcotics, and migration.

Hammond acknowledged the difficult history between Britain and Iran, but was right to recognise the importance of developing cordial relations with this “very important country in a volatile and difficult region”. 


Kishan Devani: BAME vote is vital for London Mayoralty A MILLION ethnic minority votes helped put David Cameron into Downing Street on election night in May and could put a Conservative Mayor back into City Hall.  



Interested parties should keep an eye on their stocks and shares today.  BBC reports plummeting share prices here.



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On this day, August 24th, in 1989, Tadeusz Mazowiecki was chosen as the first non-communist Prime Minister in Central and Eastern Europe. This was the closest thing to a free election held in Poland since 1926, and Mazowiecki was the first non-communist Prime Minister of Poland since 1946.  Mazowiecki's government brought about wide-ranging reforms in Poland: full civil freedoms and a multi-party system were introduced, the country's name was changed (from the People’s Republic of Poland to the Republic of Poland), and the notion of possession was brought into the constitution. The Polish economy was fundamentally transformed: from a centrally-planned shortage economy to a modern, free market, including the privatisation of state-owned companies, houses, and land.



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