Fast Forward! : Grieving families of dead Iraq War soldiers to sue Chilcot

Grieving families of dead Iraq War soldiers to sue Chilcot

Grieving Families of soldiers killed in action during the Iraq War are joining together to sue Sir John Chilcot. They argue that if the Chilcot report is not published by the end of the year they will take Sir John to court for not setting a timetable of publishing his inquiry into the Iraq War.


Matthew Jury, one of the solicitors representing the families, has said the families “describe it to me as a black cloud hanging over their heads and the only way to disperse that cloud, for them to get some degree of closure, is for this report to be published and for them to finally know the truth."

It has been six years since the Chilcot inquiry first sat in 2009. It stopped hearing testimony in 2011 but Sir John is refusing to publish his report. The Prime Minister has previously expressed his anger over the wait, telling Chilcot to “get on with it.”

A very detailed article on this is available on the Daily Mail. They also have a letter from Sir Michael Rose, a former SAS General, criticising the huge delay in publication.



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On this day, 13th August, in 1704 British, with the help of Dutch and Imperial allies, defeated the French at the Battle of Blenheim. Britain has a long and great history of stopping one country dominating Europe. Let’s hope that continues.