Fast Forward! : Cross Channel Deal on Migrant Crisis

Cross Channel Deal on Migrant Crisis

Both the British and French Governments have agreed a deal to take more action over the migrant crisis at Calais. The Home Secretary has travelled to France to represent British interests. With Theresa May on the scene some real cross channel action will be taken.


The deal will focus on increasing security and breaking the ring of human traffickers. The Daily Express have coined Theresa May’s visit to France as ‘Two days to save Dover’.

The PM has already taken action by building a £7 million high security fence around Coquelles. But the French have yet to go the extra mile to solve problem, particularly on policing. This is despite Eurotunnel calling the crisis ‘a phenomenon which is beyond our means’ in a plea for more French police.

Theresa May and the French Interior Minister will today sign the agreement. But the Daily Mail highlights that the announcement was made several days early by the French. Hardly the best way to conduct diplomacy. I bet Philip Hammond is fuming.



Matthew Gass: Being a Conservative in the most Labour part of the Country – “One must at least admire your indefatigability.” That was the response I received from a local journalist for a tweet I sent out about the West Ham Conservatives AGM.



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On this day, 19th August, in 43 BC Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus, better known as Augustus, was given the title of Consul. Augustus held the senate to ransom in order to get this title. He did not stop there, as keen Romanists will know Augustus became Emperor. A slippery slope to Imperial power.