Fast Forward! : Corbyn to win Labour Leadership says YouGov Poll


Corbyn to win Labour Leadership says YouGov Poll

Labour isn’t working. A YouGov poll yesterday put Jeremy Corbyn on 43% of first preference votes and 53% with second preference votes. Guido Fawkes reports that the once 100/1 Corbyn is now 2/1 with Ladbrokes. The former outsider is on course to win the Labour leadership!

The feeling is now of absolute panic in the Parliamentary Labour Party. They know the prospect of Corbyn’s nutty beliefs becoming policy are likely to consign Labour to electoral oblivion. This has propelled even Tony Blair to come out and condemn Jeremy Corbyn in a speech today. Only a tiny minority of Labour MPs actually hold similar views to Corbyn. If he is elected then there is likely to be a split in the Labour Party. The Sun Nation even prophesises the end of Labour. Those Labour MPs who leant Corbyn their votes so the party could have a ‘broad debate’ must be feeling the heat …

But where does this leave the Conservatives? If there is a split in Labour along the lines of the SDP in the 1980s then you could easily imagine the Conservatives getting a landslide in 2020. But Dan Hannan in Conservative Homeinterestingly argues that this could be bad for the Conservative Party as there would be no Opposition in the country.#Tories4Corbyn



[WATCH] CWF At The Marxism Festival - CWF went to the Marxism Festival in London organised by the SWP. We asked about attendees views on Austerity, the Labour Leadership election, and how to achieve a socialist Britain. ** Warning - nutter overload from seemingly Jeremy Corbyn's campaign team **



Over in Greece – Watch out for the second vote in the Greek Parliament over the European bailout package. It’s expected to pass only with opposition support. How many left-wing Syriza nutters will vote against it?



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On this day, 22nd July, in 1706 the Treaty of Union is signed by Scotland and England to officially become one country. The Act of Union gets through both the English and Scottish Parliament in 1707. The Scots Nats need to have more respect for what their fellow countrymen signed up to …