Fast Forward! : Corbyn mania strikes again

Corbyn mania strikes again

Like some tropical disease that will not go away, Labour is suffering again today from another bout of Corbyn mania. Yesterday came the news that Jeremy Corbyn would get 53% of the vote in the Labour leadership election. Now comes the reactions to the news that he will win on the first round of voting.


Labour MP Simon Danczuk has called for the election to be halted because the vote has been infiltrated by ‘Tories and trots’. The Telegraph is also claiming that up to 30 senior Labour MPs will refuse to take jobs in a Corbyn Shadow Cabinet, making him very lonely on the front bench for sure. Labour says that they have banned 1,200 from voting in the ballot. A mere drop in the Ocean.

Sky News also seems to have caught the Corbyn bug as it asks ‘Should we trust the polls on Corbyn’s lead?’. I bet even the PM is going mad over Corbyn’s ever increasing chances. Mad with joy.



Mark Spencer MP: We must reject radicalism and encourage tolerance – The Home Secretary recently announced the introduction of Extremism Disruption Orders (EDOs). This Government believes that extremism, in any form, has no place within the UK. As a society we must all work together to reject radicalism and encourage tolerance and respect between different faiths and communities.



Australia – Make sure you look at the bun fights that are happening at the Australia Parliament over marriage equality. For those who have withdrawal symptoms from PMQs this is worth a watch.



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On this day, 12th August, in 1883 the last ever Quagga died in Artis Magistra zoo in the Netherlands. By the looks of it Liz Kendall and the other Blairites will be soon to follow the Quagga. They will be extinct in Labour because of return of socialism.