Fast Forward! : Corbyn Insults the People

Corbyn Insults the People

You’d be forgiven for thinking over the last 24 hours Corbyn has been inspired by 1984’s Two Minutes Hate. This is most worrying from the man most likely to be the next Labour leader. God help the Labour Party …


First off Corbyn refused to condemn the IRA five times! The closest Corbyn came to apologising was when he said “Look, I condemn what was done by the British Army as well as the other sides as well.” No wonder the Sun Nation is leading on ‘Corbyn insults “all our dead loved ones”.’ Vile stuff from Jeremy Corbyn …

Next the likely Labour leader told a gathering of CND all workers involved with Trident will be re-allocated to ‘socially useful’ work. This reinforces the view that the Left don’t think Britain is worth defending. Not a brilliant move …

As Mark Wallace says on Conservative Home ‘The hard left are ridiculous – but we mustn’t forget they are also dangerous.’ Corbyn is a friend of the IRA and an enemy of national defence …



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On this day, 7th August, in 2008 the first military action took place in Russia’s invasion of Georgia. Russia still illegally occupies South Ossetia in Georgia. Mr Putin is a wrong-un …